Ciao from Italy! My name is Enrico and I’m an Italian traveler-entrepreneur born and raised in Rome.

A great passion for travel led me to co-found a tour company in 2009. At that time, I was already working in the travel industry in Taipei when I realized that there was a market for a company in Italy that showed travelers insider tracks, authentic experiences, and hidden gems that only locals know. So, I moved back to Italy to put my plan into action. My goal was to create unique and authentic Italy travel experiences without having to live in the country itself.

I've visited many countries around the world and have seen many different types of travel experiences. Although I always enjoy being a traveler myself, I love to show the truly authentic Italy to people from around the world.

Enrico Maria's Travel Expertise

I am a born and raised Italian and I consider myself an Italy specialist. I did not learn from a book, I learned by living in the country and experiencing it firsthand. I believe that you shouldn’t just take a vacation, you should experience it through its food, culture, and history. I excel in creating tailor-made luxury vacations to Italy and showing travelers the authentic, hidden, and local experiences of this amazing country.

Enrico Maria's best travel experience

I have so many amazing travel experiences. Some of my past adventures include braving the Pacific waters at Zihuatanejo; sleeping under canvas in a remote Mayan village in the Guatemalan jungle; taking an unforgettable trek along the Inca Trail to the ruins of Machu Picchu, and more! There are still so many more areas for me to experience and explore. Ask me about taking the Trans-Siberian train, horse riding in the Camargue, or eating really spicy food in Chengdu.

Why is Enrico Maria the right travel expert

I am a big fan of the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle: slow travel, slow food, and art in all its forms. I am an expert at designing once-in-a-lifetime journeys for senior couples and families with kids who want to explore Italy at their own pace. Often described as a well-traveled friend I'm passionate about Italy’s rich history and traditional culture, but just as enthralled by the Italy of today. I am out on the road at every opportunity, so my insight and knowledge are second to none and always up to date. You can trust that you’ll get expert recommendations from someone who knows Italy inside out.