I am an Italian with a real passion for my land. My love for different cultures led me to study foreign languages and I lived and worked in faraway countries. Afterward, I came home with a new way of looking at the beauty of my country. The deep cultural and historical heritage here has been a crossroads for ideas, cultures, and aesthetics for thousands of years. I wanted to contribute to enhancing this incredible heritage and that’s why I started working in the tourism industry in 2003.

I am a licensed technical director of a travel agency, travel designer, certified sommelier, passionate foodie, and slow-food member! My friends say I'm also a good chef; my grandmother used to run an “Osteria.” Not a surprise that wine and gastronomic itineraries are my favorite ones! I love the philosophy of slow traveling, which offers a chance to create a real connection with places and people.

It will be my great pleasure to design a customized itinerary perfectly tailored to your interests, passion, and curiosity. Let me show you some little breathtaking corners of my country, take you to ancient craftsmans' laboratories, and take a break drinking a glass of wine while looking at the sunset. Let me reveal the “Dolce vita” art of living: an ideal mixture of food, family, fashion, and famous good humor. Benvenuti in Italia!

Roberta's Travel Expertise

As a sommelier and real foodie, I love to design gastronomic itineraries in such areas as Piedmont, Tuscany, Liguria, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Sicily, Campania, and more. My husband is a gold leaf gilder, so I really appreciate Italian handcrafters' work, and in my tours, I always try to reserve a space for travelers to meet local artisans and learn about these ancient traditions.

I believe Italy has so much to offer: besides the most iconic sites, there’s an entire world of hidden gems, wild nature, and authentic people to discover. So I often suggest classic itineraries combined with off-the-beaten-track destinations, to get a more genuine experience of our country.

In the last year, I've specialized in creating women-only travel itineraries, with activities especially thought of and designed for women (small group tours, mother & daughter, besties, focused retreats such as yoga, knitting, etc)

Roberta's best travel experience

I've always loved travelling since I was a child. I remember the moment of packing bags and closing the house doors as an epic one: let the adventure start! And indeed, even when I grew up, my travel experiences have always been a new adventures. You can plan the trip to every detail and read books and blogs about the destination you are going to visit, but nothing can really prepare you for what will be. And that's my favourite part of the trip: being surprised by places, people, colours, smells. Every trip is unique to me and I must be honest, in a different way I loved them all.

However, if asked to pick a few memorable experiences I would say sailing in the Icelandic sea onboard a wooden boat to see whales. There was the grey sky, a cold breeze and silence until suddenly this giant appeared in all its beauty and elegance as if it was dancing in the water!

Another is visiting a small stock fish producer in Norway with two locals we just met on our way, all at one table eating and drinking together like old friends and sharing experiences.

Or trekking alone on a secluded Greek island in 35°C weather just to reach a spectacular bay where I took a dip in crystalline blue waters.

Or finally, meeting a small wine producer on the remote Pantelleria island. The small family estate stood alone in the middle of the vineyards overlooking the sea. The owner invited us to sit with him and while tasting aromatic wines and succulent dried tomatoes I felt like I was suspended in this sunny and windy land, wishing to leave the world behind.

Why is Roberta the right travel expert

I love to help people discover the best Italy has to offer. I have traveled my country as a tourist and as a travel guide, and with my family, alone, with friends, with my husband... And I know that every traveler has his or her own specific needs and interests, and my job is to create an itinerary that can fit and possibly go beyond your expectations!