I was born in Sicily and grew up on this beautiful island until I left for university. I went to Rome to study foreign languages and to earn a master’s in marketing and tourism planning. After 4 years of working at a Roman tour operator, I decided to come back to Sicily and to put into practice everything I had learned from my experience in Rome.

I am in love with food, wine, nature, history and art. Sicily is absolutely infused with all of these components, and for me, it is just a big pleasure to share with my guests all my knowledge and secrets about the history of this beautiful island. I am really in love with Sicily and with my job. I love to meet new people from all around the world and have conversations about everything!

Massimo's Travel Expertise

Being an organizer and local guide, I have travelled a lot all around Sicily. Taormina is my home and I specialize in leading walking tours and food and wine tours there and also in Siracusa and Palermo. I also specialise in the little villages from the Godfather movie (Savoca and Forza D'Agrò) and Mount Etna, with its breathtaking natural environment and tasty organic food. I am an expert on wine, and I have visited and led tours to most Sicilian wineries.

Expert Destinations

Massimo's best travel experience

I have traveled all around Europe and had a lot of beautiful experiences and memories in many places. Scotland, Lithuania, Estonia and Spain were among my favourite ones. But if I should choose the most memorable, I would have to say it was traveling to Georgia, and Tbilisi in particular. This stunning region was filled with food, wine, history and fun, and I was captured by the authenticity of this country and of all the people!

Why is Massimo the right travel expert

I am a local with deep expertise in Sicily, as I have been living here for most of my life. I offer authentic travel experiences with small groups, organic food and wine, and with insider access to places off the beaten path. I can help you feel like a local while I provide the best Sicilian experience. I can also guarantee 24-hour assistance to you! I love Sicily and I would like to share all my passion and secrets with our curious guests.