Hi! I was born in Firenze, in the countryside of Tuscany, and spent my childhood in a medieval village called Castelfranco di Sopra, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. I have lived in Tuscany almost all my life, and it has become part of my soul. It’s a place I love and respect, and it never ceases to take my breath away.

My dad has a small farm where we produce extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of wine. Since I was 7 or 8 years old, as an afternoon snack, I would eat with my grandmother and my mum a slice of bread totally drenched in red wine with sugar on top. So, it is no surprise that I love Tuscan food and wine!

Although I attended art school in Florence, since my early 20s I have worked for a number of well-known travel agencies and tour operators. In 2013 I moved to Sydney. While working there, I had the opportunity to plan and lead many tours for English, American and Australian visitors. I loved leading tour groups and I still find great pleasure in introducing visitors to the hidden gems of a land that is so rich in history, culture, traditions, food, wine and the warm hospitality of the authentic Tuscan people.

During my time working as a tour operator, I frequently observed the great enthusiasm visitors exhibited when they were provided with an opportunity to discover places off the beaten track that other tourists were completely unaware of. This gave me the idea of developing more customized and personal tours that offer a privileged few the chance to see the “real Tuscany” that is known only to the locals.

Now, together with my wife Laura, I provide you with a memorable experience that showcases the very best of what Tuscany has to offer in a relaxed, informal and fun way.

Matteo's Travel Expertise

As a native who loves the food and wine of Tuscany, I prefer taking my guests to authentic places where they can experience a truly-Tuscan food and wine experience with the locals. I get really excited when I see the happiness and the astonished faces of my guests when I take them to the hidden gems of Tuscany that sometimes you can’t even reach by google map.

I also specialise in providing unique, memorable experiences. Through limiting each tour group to a maximum of eight people, I ensure that I can offer personalized tours through which every member of the group gets the undivided attention they deserve.

Join us on a journey of discovery where you’ll become part of an authentic Tuscan family and explore one of the most wonderful places on earth from an insider’s perspective.

Matteo's best travel experience

When I travel, I usually book only the flights (and if I need it a rental car) without planning anything else in advance. However, last year I went travelling to Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, and I booked two different fully escorted private tours. One tour was a week in the jungle and the other one was a customized tour in Bolivia. I have to say that it was the most beautiful and authentic experience I had ever had! I reached the summit of an old volcano 6,020 meters high, I explored the Amazon as a local indigenous person and I drove through the beautiful Atacama Desert, stopping at hot springs in the middle of nowhere. If it wasn't for the local guides who were born there and who really knew the area well, I wouldn't have been able to have such amazing experiences.

Why is Matteo the right travel expert

I don't really like to compare myself with other local experts, as I believe everyone has something special to show. I, for one, am not an expert of history. However, I can definitely tell you a lot about how we live in Tuscany, our culture and all the secrets that make our region the most beautiful in Italy. I can certainly give you the opportunity to do as a local, with the locals. I am also pretty good at providing that sort of confidence and serenity that you are always looking for when you travel.

My goal is to make sure you come back home from your Tuscany experience not just with some nice pictures, but with real memories that will stay with you forever.