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Italy weather in September

Bottle of wine over the Tuscany in autumn
Let the wine warm you up during the autumn season in Tuscany

September is the beginning of the fall season in Italy. The weather in most parts of the country is sunny and pleasant during this time of year, making it a fantastic month to explore Italy’s enchanting countryside and mountainous landscapes. Temperatures in northern Italy in September fluctuate between 13°C to 24°C, while they can hover anywhere between 21°C to 27°C in the southern parts of the country. Similarly, central parts of Italy usually experience temperatures between 18°C to 27°C at this time of year. The inviting weather in Italy in September is perfect to enjoy an extraordinary beach holiday without being hammered by the scorching sun.

For a seasonal overview, read our best time to visit Italy travel guide.

Weather in Italy in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)131417202429323027231815
Avg Nightly (°C)336813171918161384
Avg Daily (°F)555763687584908681736459
Avg Nightly (°F)373743465563666461554639
Avg Rainfall (mm)252019183367042384996

Why visit Italy in September

Aerial autumn sunrise scenery with yellow larches in Dolomite Alps
The Dolomite Alps autumn scenery looks like a cozy paradise for a good hike
Tofana di Rozes mountain ridge and its luminous emerald lake
Camping around Tofana di Rozes mountain ridge could be an activity you might want to try

Hottest summer days along with peak tourist seasons are gone by September. This gives you the opportunity to book your flights, accommodation, and tours at a discount and save money. Besides this, September also heralds the beginning of a festival season, when cities and villages around the country see crowds of revelers.
Below are some of the many reasons to visit Italy in September for a dreamy vacation.

  • Cheaper prices: The end of the peak tourist season means that hotels and tour operators throughout the country start offering better deals on accommodation, dining, and excursions. Be it exploring the vibrant coastal town of Sorrento or spending a day on the banks of Lake Como, you need not break a bank to enjoy a vacation in Italy in autumn.
  • Fewer tourists: If you hate large crowds and noisy streets, September is the perfect time to visit Italy. Since it is an off-season, you will not be interrupted by hordes of travelers, which means that you can take the holiday at your own pace.
  • Harvest season and food festivals: The harvest season in Italy starts from September and lasts until mid-November. This means that your Italian sojourn during September will be filled with food and wine. If you are a foodie, visit the potato festival in Bologna and the cheese-fest that takes place once every two years in the Piedmontese town of Bra.
  • Festivals in September: Be part of the Ferrara Balloons Festival and see hot air balloons fill up the sky. If you a fan of Shakespeare, head to Verona to celebrate Juliet's birthday. You can also enjoy the medieval-themed Paleo di San Rocco festival in Tuscany which involves horse races and archery competitions.
  • Wine expos: September beckons wine connoisseurs from all over the world to Italy, specifically to Florence in the Tuscany region. Visit farmers’ markets and celebrate grape harvesting. Spoil yourself with the sophisticated wines of Greve in Chianti and experience the cafe culture of Turin. Read our guide on the best cities in Italy for Wine Tasting.
  • Relax on Mediterranean beaches: September is the best time to sit back and relax on the pristine beaches of Italy. With hot summer days behind, September offers a great climate to bask in the sun and enjoy your vacation. Travel to the islands of Sardinia to enjoy an exciting beach getaway. You may want to read up a guide on the best beaches in Italy.

Where to go and what to do

The view of Dome and campanile of Siena Cathedral in Siena, Tuscany
Take a serene city tour through Old Town in the medieval city of Siena during an autumn sunny day

Having soaked up the sights and sounds of Rome and Milan, you can then head for Florence, the place where Michelangelo was born. Then journey to Verona, where you can stand on Juliet’s balcony and gaze at a stunning courtyard. Do not forget to buy tickets for the epic Regatta Storica boat race along with the Venice International Film Festival, both of which take place in Venice.

September is also an ideal time to sail through the beautiful Amalfi Coast and take in the terracotta-hued buildings and monuments of Bologna. Puglia, yet another must-visit region in the country, is home to quaint villages forgotten by time like Locorotondo. Visit the museums of Trieste and travel back in time to the golden ages of western history.

Call it an end to your Italian jaunt after having traveled to Sicily and hiked the famous Stromboli Volcano. The sky is the limit when it comes to things to do in Italy. For more ideas, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Italy.

Italy in September offers a supreme holiday by concocting an epic backdrop with the warm weather and authentic festivals. The end of peak season compliments this further, as you can get more affordable rates for your holiday. Explore the country at your own pace, witnessing the subtle beauty of every destination and being a part of a memorable adventure. Browse through our collection of tour itineraries in Italy, or connect with our travel experts in Italy to get a customized trip to Italy.

If you're interested, you may want to check out our Italy trips in September.

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