Top 3 Amalfi Coast Itineraries: Plan a Perfect Trip

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The Amalfi Coast is a 50 km stretch of some of the most amazing coastline in Europe and is one of Italy’s most popular holiday destinations. It’s on many travellers’ bucket lists and visitors come to the area to relax, enjoy fine dining, stay in luxurious hotels and take in the awe-inspiring scenery of the Italian coast.

If you are planning a trip and want to find your piece of paradise, you will need a great itinerary on your visit to Amalfi Coast that includes the best attractions available such as Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri and Sicily. Check out these three fantastic Amalfi Coast itineraries to ensure you make the most of your Italy tour!

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1. Amalfi Coast itinerary: 3 days

This 3-day itinerary is so full of activities, you will either want to stay longer or come back for more. Most of the main sites can be seen from one central location, so we recommend Sorrento as your home base.

Arrangement of buildings on the steep cliff of the Amalfi Coast.
Colorful buildings in the town of Positano

Day 1: Sorrento

After landing in Naples, head to the port and catch a 40-minute ferry ride to the lovely town of Sorrento. Enjoy a relaxing dip in Naples Bay and a walk through the lively pedestrian-only streets. Explore the villages built along the cliffs that have some of the most beautiful churches and architecture in the area. In the evening, take a guided food walking tour. Hopping through eight family-run eateries is a fantastic way for food lovers to get to know Sorrento and the amazing Italian cuisine.

Day 2: Day trip from Sorrento to Capri

Take the 25-minute ferry from Sorrento’s Marina Piccola port to Capri, the most well-known island on the Amalfi Coast. Spend time shopping in the Piazzetta and explore Anacapri, where you can take the chairlift ride to the peak of Mount Solaro. You can spend the rest of the afternoon at Capri’s amazing beaches and, weather permitting, embark on an adventure to the magical Blue Grotto, an enchanting sea cave. After an exciting day on the island, it’s an evening ferry ride back to Sorrento and a relaxing dinner. 

One of many cute cafes on the street of capri.
Street cafe on Capri island
Buy a Limocello drink from one of the souvenir shops.
Take a shot of the famous Italian drink, Limoncello

 Day 3: Drive to Positano and Amalfi

Rent a car for the day and take a 30-minute drive down Amalfi Drive, the stretch between Sorrento and Amalfi, to reach Positano. Positano is a cliffside village that features a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with colorful houses, boutiques and cafes. Marvel at the Byzantine architecture of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta as you explore this beautiful seaside village.  

Just 40 minutes further down, you will find the village of Amalfi, which is famous for its stunning views, sparkling sea and limoncello, a lemon-flavoured liqueur. Explore the Emerald Grotto which is about 5 km west of the village. This mystical cavern is known for its light effects and chamber of submerged stalactites and stalagmites. Spend the night in Amalfi and drive back to Naples for your flight home.

2. Amalfi Coast itinerary: 5 days

With two more days to see the Amalfi Coast, you can take your time and also enjoy a tour in Naples and Ravello.

Day 1: Arrive in Naples and day-trip to Pompeii  

After landing you can spend a day in Naples, enjoy a walking tour of this charming city where you can discover the opulent Royal Palace and the Piazza del Plebiscito, the largest and most scenic square in Naples. After lunch in one of Naples’ amazing bistros, it will be time for your journey to Pompeii.  

The ancient city of Pompeii was buried underneath ash and lava in 79 B.C. Join a walking tour of this ancient site where you can get a glimpse of the treasures unearthed from the ash. Then it’s a 25-minute ride back to Naples for a quiet dinner.

Day 2: Ferry to Sorrento

Head to the port and catch the hour-long ferry ride to the lovely town of Sorrento. Once there, a visit to the Cathedral of Sorrento is a must. For lunch, head to one of the inviting cafés on the Piazza Tasso and watch daily life unfold. Explore the wonderful Museo Correale di Terranova and see the splendid collection of 16th to 19th-century Neapolitan art and crafts in the afternoon. Spend the night in Sorrento; many of its hotels open up to amazing views of Mount Vesuvius.

Colorful Capri Harbor, Italy

Day 3: Ferry to Capri

Take an early morning 25-minute ferry ride to Capri. Since you have all day to explore this beautiful island, make the most of it. Spend the morning on the beautiful beaches as you take in amazing views of the sea. If you are up for it, try your hand at snorkeling at Marina Piccola beach. After lunch, visit the chic shops for limoncello and perhaps a pair of custom-made shoes to remind you of your day on Capri. Take the evening ferry back to Sorrento and have dinner on the Piazza Tasso before heading back to your hotel.

Day 4: Drive to Positano

Just a short trip down Amalfi Drive is the seaside village of Positano. Positano is a cliffside village that’s home to incredible streets lined with colorful houses, boutiques and cafes. Treat yourself to a pair of custom-made shoes at one of the artisan shops to tackle the winding streets of the city. If you are thirsty, visit any of the cafes and enjoy Positano’s famous limoncello. Don’t forget to take some back for friends at home. In the afternoon, stroll down to Spiaggia Grande, the main beach in the city and relax in the sun and admire the spectacular view. Stay the night in one of the incredible seaside hotels.

A must-see when in Ravello.
The statue of Ceres in Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Ravello, Italy
It is a geographically-based division of Christian churches.
The Diocesan Museum in Amalfi, Italy

Day 5: Drive to Amalfi

Drive just 35 minutes up the coast to check out the village of Amalfi itself. Views of the coast are stunning from its natural setting below steep cliffs. As you wander the quaint streets, you will see that Duomo di Sant'Andrea dominates the landscape. This 9th-century cathedral is one of the best-preserved examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy. You must also visit the crypt of St. Andrew at the nearby cloister. After lunch, enjoy a walk to the ruins of Torre dello Ziro and take in the stunning views of the coast leading to other towns along the Amalfi Coast like Ravello. Relax at your hotel on your last night on the Amalfi Coast.

3. Amalfi Coast itinerary: 7 days

This 7-day Amalfi Coast itinerary gives enough time to spend a few days in Sicily. You will still get the full Amalfi Coast experience but at a more leisurely pace.

Day 1: Naples and Pompeii  

Your first day in Naples should be dedicated to unraveling this city’s charm. Doused in rich history, Naples is home to world-class opera, museums and theater houses. Many have called it an open-air museum because there are so many sculptures and monuments to see throughout the city. Enjoy lunch at one of the cafés and indulge in pastiera Napoletana; it is almost criminal not to try this dessert when in Naples. Then take a 25-minute ride to the Ruins of Pompeii.  

Due to its size, joining a walking tour of the ancient city of Pompeii is the best way to explore the ruins. Take a peek at the treasures unearthed from the ash, and also find out what daily life was like in an average Roman town 2000 years ago. Head back to your hotel in Naples for a relaxing evening.

View of the Cathedral of Palermo, Italy
Inside the ruins of Pompeii, Italy

 Day 2: Fly to Palermo

It only takes an hour by plane to get to Palermo from Naples, which allows you a full day to explore Palermo. Check out bustling Ballarò, the fish and farmers' market just north of the city center. Visit a group of small, creatively painted churches and end your day with a visit to the majestic Cathedrale di Palermo. Head back to your hotel in Palermo.

Day 3: Stroll around Sicily

Sicily is all about vino. So, the next morning drive for 1 hour 30 minutes along the scenic coastal highway toward Trapani to Planeta, one of Sicily's premier vineyards, but stop at the beaches on your way. Arrive at Planeta just in time for lunch and some wine tasting. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine before driving back to Palermo to catch an evening flight back to Naples where you can enjoy a quiet dinner near your hotel.      

Day 4: Sorrento and Capri

Climb aboard the morning ferry from Naples and in about 40 minutes you will arrive in the lovely town of Sorrento. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the city, visit the chic shops and have a bite to eat at one of the superb bistros that line the lively pedestrian-only streets. Take in the local culture by booking a cooking class and learn how to make an Italian meal from the first course to dessert. End the day sipping local wines and sampling artisan cheese.

After a half -hour ferry ride from Sorrento, Marina Grande will be your first glimpse of Capri. To get an intimate look at Capri, book a private boat tour of the island’s secluded coves and a visit to the Blue Grotto, a hidden enchanted sea cave. You can spend the rest of the afternoon at Capri, visiting the unique shops and bistros that surround the marina. Catch a late day ferry back to Sorrento for dinner and a nightcap at your hotel.

A dramatic arrangement of buildings in Positano.
An exhilarating view of Positano village at night

 Day 5:  Drive to Positano

Just a short trip along Amalfi Drive from Sorrento are Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.  Positano is a quaint seaside village built into the steep cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and is full of history and charm. Check out the 12th-century medieval crypt that you will find just below the altar of the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon at Fornillo Beach. You know it has to be good if this is where the locals hang out. There are amazing restaurants and beach bars on the beach so you can grab a meal or drink after you have enjoyed the sun and surf. Enjoy a night at one of the many chic boutique hotels and fall asleep listening to the sounds of the sea.

Day 6: Drive to Amalfi and Ravello

Get an early start and drive an hour up the coast to the small fishing village of Amalfi. Here you can find out about its history as an ancient maritime republic and head to the beach to swim in the magnificent Mediterranean Sea! After lunch, take a short 15-minute drive to Ravello.

Ravello, a town perched in the hills, is a perfect place to stop for the night. Stroll among the stunning cliffside gardens cascading above the sea and enjoy a marvelous dinner in this charming village.

A popular strip of beach in the beautiful town of Atrani, Salerno, Italy

Day 7: Drive to Salerno

Take the short one hour drive down to the coast and spend a relaxing day in Salerno where you can marvel at the Ruins of Paestum and stroll around Minerva’s Gardens. Your last day on the Amalfi Coast will leave you wanting more. Catch a late afternoon train back to Naples.

It is hard to match the amazing attractions you will find exploring the Amalfi Coast. From the stunning island of Sicily to the historic archeological sites of Naples and the classic Mediterranean charm of seaside villages, you will get lost in Italian charm, idyllic beaches and amazing cuisine. An action-packed Amalfi Coast itinerary will ensure that you leave Italy with unforgettable memories.

If you like any of these itineraries or would like to create your own customized tour to Italy, connect with our local travel experts to turn it into a reality. For more information, read our travel article on how many days to spend in Italy.

Published by Lisa Hopp, updated on May 17, 2023

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