How to Get to Easter Island

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Easter Island is a beautiful, isolated island in the South Pacific Ocean, known for hundreds of colossal moai statues strewn all over the island. The island which also goes by its indigenous name Rapa Nui, remains one of the biggest archeological enigmas. Despite its remote location, more than 2,500 kilometers away from the nearest inhabited island, Easter Island receives more than 80,000 tourists every year. 

There are two modes of transportation to reach the island: by flight and by boat. However, it is the flights that are popular, safer and a much more convenient option. The yachts sail to the island from January to March, but are infrequent and the treacherous waters of the South Pacific Ocean can make for an extremely troublesome voyage. We therefore recommend you to visit the Island by air, and not by sea, as it’s too risky.

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Easter Island by Air

Only Latam Airlines offers flights to Easter Island. There are around a dozen flights to/from Santiago every week and once weekly to/from Tahiti. The airline adds more flights during the Tapati Festival, during late January to early February, to service the higher influx of tourists. Prepare for a lengthy albeit picturesque 5-hour flight but take delight in the rewarding sight that beckons, once you land on the enchanting Easter Island.

Pro tips:

  • You can take a chance at landing great deals for the flight prices by checking on local Chilean websites.
  • As with other airlines, airfare prices are mainly dictated by the influx of tourists. There have been instances when business class tickets were priced lower than economy, so make it a point to check both economy and business class.
  • You can look out for promo fares offered by Latam Airlines if you have an open schedule.
  • With the exception of taxis, there is no public transportation servicing the island. The most affordable way to visit the famed tourist destinations on Easter Island is by taking the Ara Moai hop-on, hop-off bus. With a tour guide on board, it is pretty much a guided tour that you can take at your own pace.
  • Stock up on snacks, drinks, and other essentials before you hit the island because grocery stores are scarce and stocks are even scarcer.

Easter Island is a fairly expensive destination but its sights, history, adventures, and cuisine are definitely worth every penny. This UNESCO world heritage site is not only a sight to behold, but a destination that awakens your sensibilities and stirs in you a deeper appreciation for history and its mysteries. And if you are wondering why you should undergo this fairly challenging journey to an island on your next trip to Chile, you must check out our top reasons to visit Easter Island.

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Published by Erik Jensen, updated on February 1, 2022

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