Popular Accommodations in Torres del Paine National Park

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Home to picturesque mountain tops, crystal-clear lakes, glaciers and scenic valleys, Torres del Paine National Park is famous for the 3 Torres del Paine Treks - the W trek, the O trek and the Q Trek. A popular destination for avid trekkers, hikers, and for those who just want to experience the spectacular vista of the Chilean Patagonia, the park also features some remarkable options for lodging and comforts. Whether you’re looking to stay at a luxurious resort or a camping site, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from. Below we give you a brief introduction to the popular lodgings and hotels available in Torres del Paine National Park (in no particular order):

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1. Hotel Las Torres

Accommodations in Torres del Paine
Hotel Las Torres is usually the base hotel to start Torres del Paine treks

This family-friendly hotel, situated at the entrance of  Torres del Paine National Park, serves as a base for all trekkers entering. It’s considered to be a fantastic option, offering both small and large rooms, all of which are newly renovated. 

  • Location: Located at the National Park’s main entrance.
  • Facilities: Buffet breakfast, restaurant & bar, and a spa offering massages and sauna.

For reservations, visit http://www.lastorres.com/

2. El Chileno

Those looking for a more affordable option to Hotel Las Torres, usually make El Chileno their choice of shelter. This hostel offers 32 bunk beds, shared bathrooms, a restaurant, and a shop. The campsite adjacent to this refugio can house 50 tents.

  • Location: Located right after Hotel Las Torres on the W trek route.
  • Facilities: Bunk beds with shared bathrooms, a restaurant, and shop.

3. Camp Las Torres

This campsite avails tents, insulated sleeping mats and warm sleeping bags for rent. If you plan on traveling during summer time, this could be an excellent outdoors option. Note that this camp can house up to 150 campsites.

  • Location: At the beginning of the W trek route.
  • Facilities: Covered cooking area, a couple of basic toilets, equipment on rent.

4. Refugio Los Cuernos

The first full day of trekking on the W circuit brings you to Refugio Los Cuernos. A refugio is a hostel-like shelter, and this relatively small refugio offers everything you need to rest and enjoy the scenery. Located next to a beautiful waterfall, the hostel offers 36 bunk beds and 8 private cabins. There is also a camp nearby, with shared bathrooms with space for up to 50 campsites.

  • Location: Beside Lago Nordenskjold.
  • Facilities: Hot meals at a restaurant, a shop, and private cabins.

5. Domes Frances

Those looking for something more unusual will be intrigued by this accommodation choice. This is a unique hostel located an hour away from the Los Cuernos. It offers three domes with eight beds. In Domes Frances, you can have breakfast, packed lunch, or dinner.

  • Location: Just an hour away from Refugio Los Cuernos, on the W trek.
  • Facilities: Each dome has a private bathroom, different meal options.

6. Refugio Paine Grande

One of the best hostels in Torres del Paine, Paine Grande offers bunk beds, private showers, and a large canteen. This hostel offers plenty of space, where around 100 trekkers can take shelter, all while offering magnificent views of the Lago Pehoe and the Paine Grande mountain tops. A camping site is also offered near this refugio, which starts at USD 9 per person/per night. It’s consisted of a large open field where you can set up your tent and enjoy the views. The camp is equipped with a covered public area where you can cook and take shelter.

  • Location: Located on the banks of Lake Pehoe, on the W trek.
  • Facilities: Bunk beds, segregated showers, mini-market, a large canteen, and a bar.

7. Refugio Grey

The refugio at the end of the W trek route is nestled among luscious trees on Lago Grey and was originally built as a traditional hiker’s hut. There’s a campsite called Camp Grey nearby the refugio. It can house up to 50 campsites.

  • Location: Near Lago Grey, on the W trek.
  • Facilities: Can accommodate 60 guests, features shared shower facilities and a cozy dining area.

8. Hotel Lago Grey

Hotel Lago Grey in Torres del Paine
Hotel Lago Grey sits in the banks of Lake Grey inside Torres del Paine National Park
Lago Grey Hotel in Torres del Paine
Jaw dropping view of the Grey Lake and the surrounding snowy mountains seen from Hotel Lago Grey

Located along the western side of the national park, Hotel Lago Grey offers unprecedented views of the Grey Glacier and the Paine Massif. Located a short distance away from the W trek route, it’s also an attractive option for those looking to stay a couple of extra nights in the park.

  • Location: Sitting on the southern end of the Lago Grey and looking out to the Grey Glacier.
  • Facilities: Restaurant, bar, lounge area, airport shuttle, and souvenir shop.

For reservations, visit http://lagogrey.cl/en/

9. Refugio Dickson

This is the only refugio available on the O trek. Often said to have the best location and marvelous views over forests and mountaintops, this refugio offers 27 bunk beds and a charming hut that serves as a dining room and communal area. If you’re on a budget or like to spend time outdoors, you can also opt for a nearby camp Dickson. You can bring your own tent, or rent necessary equipment.

  • Location: Located on the banks of Lake Dickson, on the O trek.
  • Facilities: Segregated showers, dining room, bar, and communal area.

10. Camp El Paso

After leaving Refugio Grey and pursuing the O trek, hikers often spend a night at Camp El Paso. This is a remote campsite that sits at the base of the French Valley.

  • Room Rates: Free of charge. However, reservation is required, and you’ll need to show its proof at the entrance.
  • Location: Located just below the John Gardner Pass – western side of the national park.
  • Facilities: A covered cooking area and a couple of basic toilets.

11. Camp Los Perros

This camping site is one of the most popular options along the O trekking route. That’s because hikers meet here to get supplies and to hide from bad weather. This camp is located in the woods and can house up to 50 campsites.

  • Location: Next to the John Gardner Pass; near the Punta Puma Glacier, on the O trek.
  • Facilities: Grocery store, a public area to seek shelter from bad weather, and a rental shop for camping equipment.

12. Camp Seron

Located in the northeastern part of Torres del Paine, camp Seron is one of the last stops on the O trek. This camp can house up to 100 campsites.

  • Location: Around 4 hours trek from Las Torres section – eastern side of the National Park.
  • Facilities: 100 camping spots, shared bathrooms with hot water, equipment rental, and food service. 

13. Hosteria Pehoe

Hotels in Torres del Paine National Park
Hosteria Pehoe is located in a private island on Lake Pehoe

A small yet charming hostel located on a secluded island on the Lake Pehoe, Hosteria Pehoe is one of the oldest hostels in this area. It is often described as rustic and traditional but doesn’t make compromises on modern amenities and comfort. Hidden farther away from the major trekking routes, it requires you to know the area well to access it. A boat journey from Refugio Paine Grande is one way to get here. But make sure you ask for directions first.

  • Location: Set on of its own small island opposite the Cuernos del Paine.
  • Facilities: Restaurant, bar, large terrace and garden, meeting rooms, and bike rental.

Note: It is mandatory to book campsites; both free and paid campsites, when trekking inside the Torres del Paine National Park. Moreover, proof of reservation (on print or on your smartphone) has to be shown at the entrance of these campsites. As for refugios and hotels, we highly recommend you make reservations in advance, to ensure that you have the accommodation for the nights. Torres del Paine National Park does get very busy during the tourists seasons.

Soaking in the breathtaking views of Torres del Paine is something the majority of travelers will remember their entire lives. No matter if you decide to spend your time outdoors or indulge in a luxurious lodge, your time in this impressive national park will be worth it. We hope that our list of hotels in Torres del Paine will help you plan your memorable Chile tour

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Published by Marie Storm, updated on February 4, 2022

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