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Japan is a vibrant country that offers delights and surprises every step of the way, whether you’re relaxing in a hot spring in the mountains or partying in Tokyo’s neon nightlife. If you’re planning your holiday and wondering how long to stay in Japan, you can’t go wrong with a stay of two weeks in Japan. With 14 or 15 days, you'll have just enough time to scratch the surface of the country, or at least to see the highlights! Check out our recommended itineraries of 14 to 15 days for Japan below.

Japan in 14 Days: Tour of Japan

Located in Kyoto Prefecture Amanohashidate is a sandbar covered in pines.
Amanohashidate Sandbar is also known as a bridge in heaven since it looks like a pathway between the earth and heaven.
Nara park in Nara is home to hundreds of freely traveling deer
 Visit Nara park and feed the freely roaming deer throughout the park.
Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo and visit sake-tasting superstore.
Day 2 See Tokyo’s underground temple.
Day 3 Visit Tokyo’s historic locations.
Day 4 Ride a roller coaster in Tokyo Dome City, discover Akihabara.
Day 5 Stay with a Japanese family in Izumo.
Day 6 Swap stories with Japanese family in Izumo.
Day 7 Meet a geisha in Kyoto.
Day 8 Visit Amanohashidate and Fushimi Inari in Kyoto.
Day 9 Meet friendly deer of Nara.
Day 10 See Tenryu-ji’s bamboo groves and explore Arashiyama.
Day 11 Discover the mysterious Goto Islands.
Day 12 Visit the abandoned island of Oushima.
Day 13 Take a trip to Huis Ten Bosch theme park.
Day 14 See Nagasaki’s war memorial before heading home.

This 14-day Japan tour will not let you up. From densely populated Tokyo, you will head for Izumo, where live some of the last katana makers in Japan. This is followed by an overnight ferry from Fukuoka. Sail through an island-speckled sea to the Goto Archipelago, an area steeped in mystery with lots of stories to tell. Your journey ends amid the memorials in Nagasaki mourning those who lost their life to the atomic blast. See tour.

15 days in Japan: Mountains and Monasteries

Miyajima is a small island in western Japan known for its stunning islands.
This famed torii gate half-submerged in water marks the entrance to Itsukushima shrine
Day 1 Arrive in Osaka and journey to Kyoto.
Day 2 Spend the day on a private tour of Kyoto visiting some of the city’s famous shrines and the Gion geisha district.
Day 3 Participate in a Zazen meditation session at the Gesshin-In Temple.
Day 4 Take a historic tour of Hiroshima on your way to your luxurious ryokan on Miyajima Island.
Day 5 Enjoy a free day on Miyajima; check out the famous floating torii gate!
Day 6 Head to the castle town of Matsuyama and do some exploring before you soak in the Dogo Onsen, Japan’s most famous hot springs.
Day 7 Visit the harbor town of Takamatsu on Shikoku Island and stay for 2 nights.
Day 8 Take a day trip to the famously quirky art island of Naoshima. Spend the day exploring the island’s many art galleries and installations at your leisure.
Day 9 Pick up your rental car and enjoy an incredible scenic drive to the Iya Valley, one of Japan’s most secluded (and stunning) regions.
Day 10 Walk across the Iya Kazurabashi, one of the areas few remaining bridges woven from living vines.
Day 11 Visit Okayama and Himeji; see the famous White Heron Castle.
Day 12 Dine with monks and stay the night in a Buddhist temple located on the sacred Mount Koya.
Day 13 Explore the sacred sites around Mount Koya before you head back to Osaka to stay in luxury at the Marriott Miyako Osaka.
Day 14 Cycle through Osaka on a guided tour and end your night enjoying the street food and nightlife of the popular Dotonbori district.
Day 15 Say goodbye to Osaka and fly to your next destination.

If you want to get off the beaten path and explore the country’s rural side but want to do it in comfort and style, this itinerary for 15 days in Japan is perfect; it’s designed for you to soak up the country’s most beautiful mountain views and get an intimate look at Japan’s Buddhist heritage, staying in luxury hotels along the way! It’s the perfect way to make the most out of your two weeks in Japan. See tour.

Whether you want to learn about Japan’s festivals and history, how to make your favorite Japanese dishes, or get off the beaten track in style, we have the perfect itinerary for your two weeks in Japan. It’s the perfect getaway for experiencing the Japanese way of living, eating, and celebrating in a country full of natural beauty and welcoming locals. No matter what you choose, you’re in for an unforgettable vacation. Get in touch with one of our travel experts in Japan to inquire about a customized trip. If you’d like to book a package trip or join a group, check out our group tours in Japan

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