Best Time to Visit Patagonia

°C °F
  • JAN Avg Daily: 22 °C Avg Nightly: 6 °C Avg Daily: 72 °F Avg Nightly: 43 °F Avg Rainfall: 22 mm
  • FEB Avg Daily: 22 °C Avg Nightly: 6 °C Avg Daily: 72 °F Avg Nightly: 43 °F Avg Rainfall: 22 mm
  • MAR Avg Daily: 19 °C Avg Nightly: 4 °C Avg Daily: 66 °F Avg Nightly: 39 °F Avg Rainfall: 29 mm
  • APR Avg Daily: 15 °C Avg Nightly: 2 °C Avg Daily: 59 °F Avg Nightly: 36 °F Avg Rainfall: 54 mm
  • MAY Avg Daily: 10 °C Avg Nightly: 1 °C Avg Daily: 50 °F Avg Nightly: 34 °F Avg Rainfall: 134 mm
  • JUN Avg Daily: 7 °C Avg Nightly: -1 °C Avg Daily: 45 °F Avg Nightly: 30 °F Avg Rainfall: 141 mm
  • JUL Avg Daily: 6 °C Avg Nightly: -1 °C Avg Daily: 43 °F Avg Nightly: 30 °F Avg Rainfall: 129 mm
  • AUG Avg Daily: 8 °C Avg Nightly: -1 °C Avg Daily: 46 °F Avg Nightly: 30 °F Avg Rainfall: 116 mm
  • SEP Avg Daily: 11 °C Avg Nightly: 0 °C Avg Daily: 52 °F Avg Nightly: 32 °F Avg Rainfall: 58 mm
  • OCT Avg Daily: 14 °C Avg Nightly: 1 °C Avg Daily: 57 °F Avg Nightly: 34 °F Avg Rainfall: 39 mm
  • NOV Avg Daily: 17 °C Avg Nightly: 3 °C Avg Daily: 63 °F Avg Nightly: 37 °F Avg Rainfall: 25 mm
  • DEC Avg Daily: 20 °C Avg Nightly: 5 °C Avg Daily: 68 °F Avg Nightly: 41 °F Avg Rainfall: 32 mm
Best Time to Visit:
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  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

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The region of Patagonia sits at the southern base of South America, straddling both Chile and Argentina. Patagonia is 777,000 square kilometers of jaw dropping rugged beauty, sprawling landscapes, and challenging terrain. The people who visit this area are passionate about the outdoors. Travelers can hike the amazing Argentinian trails, tour the Chilean side National Park, e.g. the Torres Del Paine treks, embark on boat tours to view the breathtaking glaciers, and sea kayak among impressive icebergs. Up for the challenge? Read on and we’ll tell you the best time to visit Patagonia!

Quick Facts

The good news is there’s actually not a bad time to visit Patagonia; it just depends on what you want to do! From low season to high season, from summer to winter, there are activities to keep visitors entertained and completely satisfied

  • High season: October – February
  • Low season: June – September
  • Shoulder season: March – May
  • All Seasons: Spring (October – November), Summer (December – February), Fall (March – May) and Winter (June – September).

The most popular time to visit Patagonia is considered October – February. These summer and spring months have the mildest temperatures and the lowest amount of rainfall. The whole region comes to life in the spring and the lovely, warm temperatures are perfect for long days exploring the great outdoors.

The low season June – September is winter when Patagonia still remains popular with certain groups of people. Skiers flock to the snow-covered Andes for prime skiing conditions during these months. Whale watching tours also start up in June, and the best chances of seeing whales is during this season. However, many other attractions like hiking trails and day trips are closed or not running.

The in between months, also known as the shoulder months, are March – May. This is still a lovely time to visit Patagonia as accommodation prices drop after the peak summer season and temperatures are still mild enough to enjoy being outside. Most trails, parks, and day excursions are still running.

Seasonal Overview

October to November – High Season

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
Torres del Paine National Park, a stunning glimpse into the incredible biodiversity of southern Patagonia
  • Season: Spring
  • Avg. Temperature: 36 – 60° F / 2 – 15° C
  • Rainfall average: 24.9 – 38.9 mm
  • Highlights: As winter breaks and spring starts to creep in, the region comes alive with flora, fauna, and mild temperatures. This is an excellent time to venture into the wilderness and really appreciate nature as it comes to life. Visit Tierra del Fuego or Torres Del Paine National Park for excellent hiking and trekking trails, glacier tours, and sea kayaking through the fjords.

December to February – Peak Season

Martial Glacier in Ushuaia
Martial Glacier, the most popular hike in Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Avg. Temperature: 43 – 70° F / 6 – 21° C
  • Rainfall: 22.1 – 32.0 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Highlights: Everything is up and running in the region in the peak summer months. Hiking, kayaking, and day excursions are aplenty. During this time, many visitors travel down to Tierra del Fuego, the most southern part of Patagonia. This archipelago boasts many desirable attractions. From here travelers can visit the Esmeralda Lagoon, Martial Glacier, and day or overnight treks around the Lapataia area inside the Park. January is a great month to check out some of the local festivals like the Hops National Festival or Cherry Festival, in Los Antiguos and El Bolson, respectively.

March to May – Good Season

The outstanding natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia
View of Chilean Patagonia with Glaciers
  • Avg. Temperature: 36 – 58° F / 2 – 14° C
  • Rainfall: 29.2 – 134.1mm
  • Season: Fall
  • Highllights: Prices and crowds start to drop as Patagonia enters the fall season. If you don’t mind slightly cooler temperatures, this is a very good time to visit. This is one of the most scenic times of the year as all the leaves are starting to change color. Photographers will love the peaceful atmosphere, abundant wildlife, and vivid colors. Most attractions like the National Parks, hiking trails, and day excursions will remain open during these months. Remember, May is one of the rainiest months of the year; make sure to pack accordingly!

June to September – Fair Season

Skiing in Chile
A skier skiing in Valle Nevado, Chile
  • Avg. Temperatures: 30 – 46° F / -1 – 8° C
  • Rainfall: 57.9 – 140.7 mm
  • Season: Winter
  • Highlights: This is the best time to hit the ski slopes in Chile and Argentina. There are incredible mountain ranges with gorgeous condition in both countries; El Chalten, Chile and Bariloche, Argentina are popular choices. Whale watching tours start in June and run through December. This is your golden opportunity to spot one of these amazing mammals. Argentina’s most popular tours depart from Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides. You can even view these gentle giants from the shore in Playa Doradillo! The winds are less, the scenery is beautiful and crisp, but remember, this is winter. Temperatures are cold and many of the day excursions are not running. Many hiking trails are closed due to impassable conditions. This is also the rainiest season overall, so expect wet, muddy conditions during any outdoor activity. If you’re not into skiing or whale-watching, you probably want to choose a different season.

Patagonia is a wild and untamed beauty — a definite not-miss on your Chile tour or trip to Argentina. It’s a place that can be visited repeatedly and you would still never have the same experience twice. Nature enthusiast, outdoor adventurers, photographers, day-trippers, and thrill seekers will all have their expectations met and exceeded in this wondrous region.

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