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January is a wonderful time to visit Denmark to enjoy the snowy landscapes and the Danish concept of 'hygge’(coziness). Days are short, and temperatures are cold, but there is plenty to do in this charming Nordic city. Bundle up and stroll through the picturesque waterfront district of Nyhavn, famous for its colorful buildings. Delve into Danish history on a museum-hopping adventure in Copenhagen. Embark on a winter hike along the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint to enjoy the dramatic landscapes and icy Baltic Sea views. A trip to Denmark in January is the best way to experience the Nordic winter.

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Man skiing at a Danish ski resort during the ideal weather of January.
Experience the exhilarating thrill of skiing in Denmark's snowy landscapes during January, embracing the beauty of winter in Nordic style.

In January, the weather in Denmark is icy, with temperatures ranging between -2 °C (28°F) and 3°C (37°F). The entire country experiences snowfalls that average a total of six days. Coastal areas, particularly in the west, see a higher frequency of rain, sleet, or snow, while inland regions and the Jutland Peninsula are blanketed in snow. Expect brisk winds in the coastal areas, especially along the North and Baltic Seas. Denmark sees the shortest days of the year to January, with just seven winter daylight hours. So be sure your itinerary isn’t packed.

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Decrorative boats lined up in Nyhavn for the New Year's tour in Janaury.
Take a New Year's boat trip in Nyhavn to witness the spectacular fireworks from the canal sipping on champagne.
Tourists visit the Viking Ship Museum on their Denmark trip in January.
Escape January blues with a visit to the Ship Museum; a fascinating journey at a tranquil setting awaits.

Embrace the magic of Denmark in January with its magical snowy landscapes, cozy vibes, and delicious winter cuisine. Below is a list of reasons to plan your Denmark trip in January.

  • Fun winter activities: January is the perfect time to enjoy the snow-covered outdoors. Embrace the Danish culture of ice skating on frozen lakes, or enjoy winter hikes in scenic areas like Møns Klint and the Wadden Sea National Park. Brave the icy waters of Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii, for winter windsurfing or snowshoeing through Jutland's winter wilderness. Hit the slopes of the Hedeland Ski Centre in the heart of Copenhagen for a day of skiing.
  • Fewer tourists: January in Denmark sees fewer tourists than the peak summer months, offering a more serene and intimate experience. Enjoy popular attractions without the crowds and accommodation at lower rates.
  • Cultural exploration: January’s chilly weather is ideal for cozying up to Denmark’s world-class indoor museums, galleries, and historic sites, like the National Museum in Copenhagen and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. Visit Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and experience contemporary art against the backdrop of the scenic Øresund coast at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
  • Events and festivals: If you travel to Denmark in early January, you can still visit the charming Christmas markets before they close for the season. Denmark is one of the best places in the world to celebrate New Year’s due to its unique tradition of jumping off chairs and tables at the stroke of midnight to bring good luck in the coming year. As for events, the whole month is lined up with exciting ones, from Art Herning, the biggest art fair in Denmark, to Copenhagen Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in all of Northern Europe.


Northern lights above a scenic landscape in Denmark in January.
Head to a quaint region in Denmark to witness the Northern Lights in January.

From stargazing on Samsø Island to seeing seals in their natural environment on a guided seal safari, here are some of the best places to go and things to do in Denmark in January. Experience the winter wildlife of Mols Bjerge National Park in Central Jutland. January is a great time to explore this lesser-known national park to observe wildlife adapted to Denmark's colder season, like red and roe deer, European hares, and Arctic foxes. Join a guided winter safari to spot native animals in their natural habitats.

Don’t miss the magical Winter Lights at the iconic Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in January. Running from mid-November to late January, this popular event captivates visitors with enchanting light displays, festive decorations, seasonal treats, and a joyful holiday atmosphere. This iconic amusement park transforms into a winter wonderland with gorgeous light displays, festive decorations, and seasonal treats.

Head to Samsø Island for a unique celestial experience. The island hosts Dark Sky events in January, allowing you to stargaze without light pollution. Join an astronomy tour to appreciate the winter night sky and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
Embark on an offbeat adventure in northern Denmark with a seal safari around Fur Island in Limfjorden. January is an excellent time to observe seals in their natural habitat, gathering on ice floes and sandy banks to warm themselves in the sun. Experienced guides share fascinating information about the seals, the fjord, and the surrounding area. The fjord itself boasts picturesque landscapes and charming villages, allowing you to observe seals and appreciate the natural wonders of Limfjorden.

Immerse yourself in Viking culture and learn more about Viking life at the Viking Age Festival. Held at the National Museum of Denmark in January, this fascinating event features Viking craft demonstrations, board games, and traditional dance and music. The festival's highlight is the ceremonial burning of a Viking ship, a tradition that dates back to the Viking era.

Need Help Planning Your January Trip to Denmark?

In January, Denmark may be chilly, but there are plenty of adventures. From experiencing the magic of Tivoli Gardens in the winter to heading out on safari to witness Denmark’s unique wildlife, you’ll find a unique blend of art, culture, and adventure to enjoy this month.

For a hassle-free trip to Denmark, contact our local travel experts to make a customized trip to Denmark possible!

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