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Although March is still considered winter in Denmark, the weather begins transitioning towards spring, with temperatures hovering just above freezing. There is a lingering winter chill, but that won’t be an issue if you wrap up warm when venturing outdoors. March is also the best time to tour Denmark’s popular indoor attractions without the high-season crowds. Visit iconic Copenhagen landmarks such as the National Museum of Denmark, immerse yourself in Danish culture by mingling with the locals at a cozy pub, and take leisurely strolls through charming city streets. A trip to Denmark in March is perfect for enjoying its quiet beauty without the harsh winter conditions.

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Aarhus cathedral on a winter afternoon.
Explore Aarhus Cathedral in March, enjoying its tranquility without the hassle of long queues that often accompany peak seasons.

While still chilly, March ushers in slightly warmer temperatures in Denmark. Copenhagen sees an average daily temperature of around 6°C (42°F), while the average nighttime temperature is at 0°C (32°F). It is more or less the same in the rest of the country.

Snowfall also diminishes compared to the heart of winter, with only about four snowy days on average. Daylight hours stretch to nearly 12 per day, allowing visitors to pack their schedules with activities under the gradually brightening skies.

Read our article on the best time to visit Denmark for a more detailed month-by-month overview.


An assortment of Danish chocolates.
Treat your tastebuds with an assortment of rich chocolates on sale during the Copenhagen Chocolate Festival in March.
Lighthouse in Skagen on a winter morning.
Take advantage of the longer days in March to hike Skagen and spend an entire day there.

Packed with all the fun winter activities without the freezing weather of January and February, traveling to Denmark in March promises a delightful winter experience. Below is a list of reasons to plan your Denmark trip in March.

  • Lesser tourist crowd and better deals: Although the influx of tourists increases in March, it is still off-season in Denmark. Major cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus are less crowded during this time. The off-season also means you are going to get the best deals on flights and accommodations.
  • Ideal weather for both indoors and outdoors: With longer daylight hours and rising daytime temperatures, March is one of the best winter months to explore the country. Hike through the scenic countryside around Skagen or stroll through the famous Tivoli Gardens in the milder weather. If you prefer indoor activities, visit world-class museums like the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art or the National Gallery of Denmark without battling the crowds.
  • Festivals and events: Visit Rådhuspladsen Square in Copenhagen on the 17th of March to celebrate St. Patrik’s Day with the local Irish community. Sip coffee prepared by coffee experts in the Copenhagen Coffee Festival or celebrate the Easter weekend at the end week of March. For some sweet indulgence, attend the annual Copenhagen Chocolate Festival towards mid-March.


Seagull spotted in Denmark during March.
Seagulls visit Denmark from November to March, so March is your last chance to spot them in the country.

March is a great time to explore the art scene in Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city and a hub for contemporary art and culture. Visit the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, explore the vibrant street art scene, and attend exhibitions without battling summer crowds.

While in Copenhagen, experience the traditional Easter markets. Browse the stalls selling handmade crafts, Easter decorations, and delicious treats. At unbeatable prices, you can also find the most affordable accommodations near prime locations, such as the Tivoli Gardens.

Head to Rokilde to explore its historical sites, including the Unesco-listed Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum. Visit Thy National Park on the North Sea coast to enjoy its unique landscapes and wildlife. March offers mild weather that is ideal for hiking and spotting early-spring migratory birds in the national park.

Nature lovers can also visit the beautiful island of Møn, which is known for its stunning white chalk cliffs, sandy beaches and rolling hills. March is an ideal time to hike the trails, visit the charming towns and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Need Help Planning Your March Trip to Denmark?

With milder weather, longer daylight hours, and affordable travel options, Denmark in March offers a good opportunity to tour the country minus the summer crowds.

For a hassle-free trip to Denmark, contact our local travel experts to organize a customized Denmark trip. For more information, go through our Denmark travel guide.

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