Australia in June: A Mix of Warm and Cold Winter

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With the south getting its first taste of winter and the north in its dry season, Australia in June offers a wide variety of activities. This month sees snowbirds flocking to warmer attractions like Port Douglas and the Whitsundays, leaving colder southeastern destinations with more breathing space. Now is a great time to take in the highlights of Sydney and Melbourne, discover the stunning Great Barrier Reef or ski down the powdery slopes of majestic Tasmanian mountains.

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Australia Weather in June

Kangaroo at Lucky Bay in Cape Range National Park, Australia
Explore and observe the mega geology of Cape Range National Park in Western Australia.

The average temperature in Australia in June varies from place to place. It is the first month of winter in the south and a dry season in the north. But overall, this is a relatively dry period throughout the country.

Cities like Sydney and Perth, with average highs of 18°C, also get the most rainfall, while it can get especially cold in the evenings in some southern cities like Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide. The weather is hot and dry across the northern regions of the country, with the average highs of 30°C and the average lows of 20°C in Darwin. Take this time to relax on the white sand beaches of the Northern Territory, go sightseeing in southern cities, or zip down the slopes of Victoria.

Weather in Australia in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

May Jun Jul
Avg Daily (°C) 20 18 17
Avg Nightly (°C) 12 10 8
Avg Daily (°F) 68 65 63
Avg Nightly (°F) 54 50 47
Avg Rainfall (mm) 101 140 56

Why Visit Australia in June

Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)
The Bungle Bungle, although a mere 250 km south of Kununurra, was only discovered by the outside world in the early 1980s.
The view from Mt Ainslie of Canberra city and the Brindabella hills
The summit of Mount Ainslie provides a strategic position to enjoy the sunset over Canberra.

Although Australia is known throughout the world for its sun-drenched excursions, one must keep in mind that winter offers several benefits that other months do not. In addition to generally good weather conditions all around, below are a few more reasons why you should plan a trip to Australia in June.

  • Less rainfall: Dry and sunny days create the perfect conditions to set off on a hike, and June is when the northern region truly shines. Soak up Uluru’s majestic sights or traverse the trails of Hinchinbrook Island National Park.
  • Cheaper airfare: Budget travelers will find June to be one of the best months to travel to Australia as international airfare is at its lowest. Book your trip before the month begins for the best bargain prices.
  • Winter excursions: While most people flock to Australia for its sun-kissed destinations, ski slopes in the Land Down Under hold their own. Now is a great time to ski in the mountainous regions of Canberra, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria.
  • Fewer crowds down south: Colder southeastern cities will have fewer crowds this month as locals and tourists head to warmer destinations. Take this time to explore the indoor attractions of Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Back to the beach: The sandy shores of northwestern Australia and northern Queensland are back in action now that the seas are free from poisonous box jellyfish. But check with local experts before taking a dip!


Where to go and what to do

australian outback flinders ranges
Wilpena Pound is a natural bowl-like amphitheater with the center covered in scrub and trees and surrounded by a low-lying ridge of hills that form a rim.

You will find plenty of things to do in Australia in June. With almost no precipitation, the northern regions steal the limelight this month. Grab this opportunity to explore Queensland, take a plunge in the Great Barrier Reef, or get lost in the ancient woods of the Daintree Rainforest.

Cooler temperatures during this time of year allow travelers to cover notoriously hot places with comfort. Visit the tropical top end with a trip to Darwin and uncover diverse wildlife and aboriginal art. The Northern Territory's spectacular national parks, like Kakadu and Uluru, should also be on your itinerary if you are heading for Australia in June.

For spectacular beaches, do not miss out on Western Australia, where the seas are now free of box jellyfish. In addition to this, southern cities like Sydney and Melbourne serve as the perfect stomping grounds for culture vultures this month, as indoor attractions receive fewer crowds.

Looking to add more to your itinerary? Check out the best places to visit in Australia here, and find out how many days to spend when you travel!

What to bring

best cities in Australia Byron Bay
Byron Bay in Queensland, Australia, is a great escape for beach lovers.

When visiting Australia in June, make sure that you do not run out of summer attire if your itinerary includes the tropical north. In Central Australia, hot days are often followed by colder evenings, so layer up according to the weather. Southern parts of the country feature chillier weather, so pack a winter coat or a light jacket depending on how cold-averse you are.

Australia in June offers a mix of sunny adventures, snow-packed activities, and a bevy of festivals. So you are guaranteed to have a blast no matter what your preferences are. The north shines during this month with the dry season in full swing, so take your adventures to national parks and beaches or explore the Australian outback.

Plus, winter in the south means fewer crowds, which translates into better chances of exploring popular attractions without having to jostle with swarms of people and it will also be lighter on your pocket, thanks to cheaper international flights! Do not feel like June is right for you? Find out the best time to visit Australia here. Make the best of your Australia itinerary by reaching out to one of our local travel experts who can design a customized tour to Australia for you.

Browse through our list of Australia tours in June for more ideas and inspiration.

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Published by Will Cooper, updated on August 8, 2023

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