You found me! Cam the man from the bottom of the map, where a short flight usually takes around 9 hours. I have lived all over this great southern country, building a wealth of knowledge about the best sightseeing places to bring you.

Victoria (Melbourne city) is where I was born. I have turned every rock in my backyard and explored beyond to all the major cities and holiday destination in Australia.

I have traveled to 17 countries around the world and enjoy frequent trips during the winters to warmer climates. Some of my favorite things to do are to start with what is different. I am always up to try a new cuisine or an extreme sport or to strive to reach that high mountain. I also enjoy a cocktail by the pool, if you can get me to sit still for more than an hour!

Cameron's Travel Expertise

I specialize in all the major tourist destinations such as Ayers Rock, the Great Ocean Road, Sydney city tours, Great Barrier Reef tours, and winery experiences. I also focus on the luxury tourism market. If you want a holiday with flexibility and some special touches, I am happy to help.

Australia has many “greats” and I know them all: Great Ocean Road, Great Sandy Desert, Great Barrier Reef, Great Dividing Range and many more. If you can see all the greats or at least 3 of them during your stay, then you would have had a really “great” trip :)

Expert Activities

Cameron's best travel experience

I have so many! I have been attacked by a stingray, had a friend get bitten by a snake on a recent hike and I sailed a small boat from Hamilton island to the Sunshine coast. This last adventure was at the tail end of a cyclone and for 5 days we battled the seas, then at times, it became so peaceful and beautiful. The Whitsundays are very lovely.

Why is Cameron the right travel expert

Having lived in most tourist hot spots, I have found the hidden gems and have been able to really tune in my expertise. From being there and seeing it for what it is and how unique each element is from one another.

The country is very large and there is so much diversity throughout. I would like to customize your travel experience. Please let me know your interests, and I will reply with the best locations and activities to suit you.