1 week in Israel: Top 3 Recommendations

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The meeting point of cultures, cuisines, and faiths for millennia, Israel has a diversity of attractions that’s hard to beat. The ancient stones of Jerusalem contrast with the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv, Mediterranean beaches with the solitude of the Dead Sea, and verdant valleys with the sands of the Negev Desert. Home to some of the world’s most important historical and religious sites – Temple Mount, Church of the Nativity, and Al-Aqsa Mosque being just three – 1 week in Israel is sure to whet your appetite for the entire region.

Keen to know what wonders are on offer? Check out our 1-week tours of Israel, lasting 7 or 8 days.

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1. A road trip like no other: 1 week in Israel

Aerial view of Yafo in Jaffa
The aerial view of the magnificent city of Yafo
Day 1 Pick up your vehicle in Tel Aviv
Day 2 Discover Tel Aviv’s White City, markets, and the port city of Jaffa
Day 3 Head back in time at Caesarea and Akko
Day 4 Explore the valleys of the Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee
Day 5 Visit Nazareth, the childhood home of Christ
Day 6 Take in the beauty of Masada National Park and the Dead Sea
Day 7 Get lost in the ancient alleyways of Jerusalem
Day 8 Return to Tel Aviv for your flight home

This 8-day tour begins in the modernist architecture and beachside avenues of Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital of cool. The first days of your road trip have you heading north to ancient towns including Caesarea and Akko (Acre), where a Crusader fort still stands proud. Turning eastward, you’ll wind through the Golan Heights’ hillsides to the Sea of Galilee, then walk in the footsteps of Christ in his childhood town. On route to Jerusalem, you’ll experience the Dead Sea’s cleansing waters, and Masada fortress – an integral piece of Israel’s long history. See more 8-day tours in Israel.

2. Israel and Jordan Explorer: 8 days in Israel

The port of Jaffa with the skyline of Tel Aviv
Like the beautiful port of Jaffa, beauty can be found everywhere in Tel Aviv
Day 1  Grab a glimpse of Amman on route to the Dead Sea
Day 2 Admire the River Jordan and surrounding mountains
Day 3 Delight in the rock-cut structures of Petra
Day 4 Travel via Jericho to Bethlehem in Israel
Day 5 Delve into the historic quarters of Jerusalem
Day 6 Enjoy a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee
Day 7 Learn about medieval Israel in Akko
Day 8 Depart from Tel Aviv

This tour starts across the border from Israel on the Jordanian shores of the Dead Sea before taking in the baptismal point of Christ in the River Jordan and other important biblical sites. The glorious rose stone of Petra awaits the following day, after which you’ll cross to Israel to explore ancient Jericho and the Church of the Nativity on Bethlehem’s Manger Square. From here it’s only right to discover the long list of important attractions in Jerusalem. Then relax on a boat trip across the Sea of Galilee and wander the historic walls of Akko’s crusader fortress. Describe your ideal one-week Israel tour for a customized itinerary.

3. Unmissable Israel: 8 days in Israel

The aerial view of Haifa in Israel
Immerse yourself in the grand city of Haifa
Day 1 Arrive in Tel Aviv
Day 2 Celebrate the desert vistas of Masada National Park
Day 3 Uncover the layers of history on which Jerusalem is built
Day 4 Continue your tour of Jerusalem and visit Bethlehem
Day 5 See the holy sites of Nazareth
Day 6 Wind through the vineyards of the Golan Heights to the Sea of Galilee
Day 7 Enjoy the gardens of Haifa
Day 8 Depart Israel from Tel Aviv

This tour gives you a full 1 week in Israel and begins by crossing the desert to the mountain perch of Masada before reaching Jerusalem’s ancient gates. From here you’ll follow the story of Christ to his birth in Bethlehem and childhood home in Nazareth. Seeing a different side to Israel, the tour continues amid the hills of the Golan Heights to the expansive waters of the Sea of Galilee. But there’s still enough time to admire the medieval fort of Acre and the green spaces for which Haifa is famed, before saying goodbye to this incredible nation. See more 8-day tours in Israel.

As seen in the itineraries provided above, just one week for a trip to Israel is enough to make a memorable vacation. If you’d like to plan a similar holiday or something completely different for yourself, connect with our Travel Experts in Israel. For other recommended itineraries and possible trip durations, check out our guide on how long to spend in Israel.

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