Israel holds a unique allure for adherents of the three major monotheistic religions. A land of diverse landscapes, revered holy sites, and rich history, the country promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience for tourists. Tourism in Israel is far from a religious affair. The coastal plains, vast desert, deep craters, and central hills make up an incredible holiday destination. From exploring the architecture of Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv to strolling through the landmarks in Jerusalem to floating in the Dead Sea, you will never run out of things to see or do in Israel.

Our Israel Travel Guide lets you in on all the essential things you need to know, including the best time to visit Israel and how many days to spend in Israel. Would one week in Israel be enough to marvel at the architecture of Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv? Or should you plan for a more extended stay to explore all the top attractions in the country?

Once you have decided how long you will spend in Israel, you must figure out the best time to visit Israel. If you are a winter person, you may prefer Israel in December when you can enjoy the surreal experience of observing Christmas rites in some of the most significant Christian holy sites. And if you visit Israel in March, you will find the perfect weather in Tel Aviv and witness the Jewish festival of Passover. No matter when you decide to visit or how long you spend, our Israel trips and tours are here to ensure you have a great time.

Top Destinations in Israel

Discover the highlights of Israel.

Discover the Quirks of Tel Aviv

Discover the Quirks of Tel Aviv

The coastal city of Tel Aviv offers rich cultural heritage with a modern flair. Known for its stunning beaches, thriving nightlife, and bustling markets, it's a paradise for foodies, art enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. Explore the 3000-year-old Jaffa district sprinkled with modern art galleries. Then head to Sarona Market and try a glass of Israeli wine. Finally, visit the tiny alleyways and find buzzing cafes to hang out with your friends. View Tours

Explore the Holy City of Jerusalem

Explore the Holy City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem and its numerous historical sites will hold you in thrall even if you are not religious. Begin your tour by seeing the Mount of Olives and the Dome of the Rock before visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christians believe Jesus was crucified. You will also want to go to the Western Wall, the holiest location for Jews, where you can write a prayer request and tuck it between the gaps of the wall. View Tours

Get Lost in the Beauty of Acre

Get Lost in the Beauty of Acre

Acre's rich history, beachfront location, fine architecture, and hospitable culture make it a popular tourist destination. Start your tour from the famous Knights' Hall and learn more about the Templars and the Crusades. Next, visit the Akko Citadel to explore the Museum of Underground Prisoners and discover more about the city's turbulent history. The 150-meter walk through the old Templar's Tunnel is a strange experience. View Tours

When to visit Israel

Read the below travel guides to find the best time to visit Israel.

°C °F
  • Jan Avg Daily: 17 ° C Avg Nightly: 8 ° C
  • Feb Avg Daily: 18 ° C Avg Nightly: 8 ° C
  • Mar Avg Daily: 20 ° C Avg Nightly: 10 ° C
  • Apr Avg Daily: 25 ° C Avg Nightly: 12 ° C
  • May Avg Daily: 27 ° C Avg Nightly: 15 ° C
  • Jun Avg Daily: 29 ° C Avg Nightly: 18 ° C
  • Jul Avg Daily: 31 ° C Avg Nightly: 21 ° C
  • Aug Avg Daily: 31 ° C Avg Nightly: 21 ° C
  • Sep Avg Daily: 30 ° C Avg Nightly: 20 ° C
  • Oct Avg Daily: 28 ° C Avg Nightly: 17 ° C
  • Nov Avg Daily: 24 ° C Avg Nightly: 12 ° C
  • Dec Avg Daily: 18 ° C Avg Nightly: 9 ° C
Best Time to Visit:
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
Israel in March: Springtime Travel Tips

Israel in March: Springtime Travel Tips

Israel in March sees the first warm rays of the sun reaching out of the clouds. It is the time of the year when trees and flowers start to bloom. From exploring the vibrant city of Tel Aviv to the ancient ruins of Jerusalem, the high mountains of the Gola ...Read more

Israel in November: All You Need To Know

Israel in November: All You Need To Know

From the Mediterranean coast to the Negev desert to the Galilee mountains, Israel is as varied geographically as it is culturally. It is a small country but one with rich history, culture, and heritage. Just a visit to Jerusalem—home to holy sites f ...Read more

Israel in December: Warm Weather & Watersports

Israel in December: Warm Weather & Watersports

If you are planning to go on a vacation in December, look no further than Israel. While many countries are in the grips of a cold winter, Israel is fairly warm during this time. From the beaches of Tel Aviv to the holy land of Jerusalem to the beautiful G ...Read more

Israel at a Glance

Quick facts about Israel.


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The ancient city was founded in 1010 BCE, and its walls are about 2.5 miles long. The city laws stipulate that all structures should be covered in Jerusalem stone to preserve the city’s historical look. So, do not be surprised to see numerous buildings with similar finishes.


22,145 km2. Many of the country’s tourist sites are not far apart, and tourists can quickly get around via private vehicles or buses.


+972 is the country code of Israel. You can make international calls to Israel using the country code 972. After the IDD, dial the Israel country code 972. An area code comes after the prefix 972 when calling Israel internationally.


Israel uses the new Israeli shekel. The currency code is ₪. ATMs and currency exchange booths are available all over the country. Most Israeli service providers also accept US dollars.


The Ben Gurion International Airport is the main airport in Israel, serving both local and international travelers. The airport sits about 20 km from the Tel Aviv city center and 45 km from Jerusalem. Code: TLV. Closest City: Tel Aviv.


Most tourists will require a visa to travel to Israel. Depending on your country, you may be eligible for a visa on arrival, or you may have to apply at an Israeli embassy before traveling. We recommend checking your country’s travel advisories before booking a trip.


The official language of Israel is Hebrew. However, the small country has 36 spoken languages. English is widely spoken in major cities across the country. Learning a few native words and phrases, however, goes a long way. Start with “Shalom,” a customary local greeting.


The numbers to call in the event of an emergency are 100 for the police, 101 for an ambulance, and 102 for the fire service.


Many businesses typically close early on Fridays ahead of the Jewish Sabbath. The Sabbath begins on Friday evening and continues till Saturday evening. So, make sure to get the necessary supplies before that time.

How long to stay in Israel

Read about the ideal duration to stay in Israel.

Great Israel Itineraries: How Many Days to Spend?

Great Israel Itineraries: How Many Days to Spend?

As a travel destination, Israel not only promises big, it also delivers on its promises by the bucket load. Bookending the eastern Mediterranean, the Israeli city of Tel Aviv boasts a plethora of excellent beaches, while Eilat, located on the other side o ...Read more

1 week in Israel: Top 3 Recommendations

1 week in Israel: Top 3 Recommendations

The meeting point of cultures, cuisines, and faiths for millennia, Israel has a diversity of attractions that’s hard to beat. The ancient stones of Jerusalem contrast with the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv, Mediterranean beaches with the solitude ...Read more

FAQs for Israel

Read the most frequently asked questions and answer about traveling to Israel below.

  • What is the best time to visit Israel?
  • Is it safe to travel to Israel?
  • What is the currency of Israel?
  • What language is spoken in Israel? Is English common?
  • Do I need a visa and passport to travel to Israel?

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