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  • Francisca Lee
  • From Australia
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4 - Very Good
for Best of Italy
"Very Good"
  • Marlene Sue Fletcher
  • From USA
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5 - Excellent
for Spanish Wonder
  • Connie Massey
  • From USA
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5 - Excellent
for German Christmas Markets
  • From USA
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5 - Excellent
for Grand Italian Experience
"The tour director, Lidia, was absolutely wonderful in coordinating entire logistics throughout the tour, and I couldn't have asked for better person to lead the tour."
  • Audrey McDonald
  • From Canada
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5 - Excellent
for Best of Portugal
"This was my first trip with this travel specialist.
Everything was well organized.
Best of Portugal I would highly recommend to others thinking about this tour."

About Us

Trafalgar Travel
Trafalgar Travel is a family run travel company that has emerged as one of the key family-owned businesses around the world, an inspiration for countless others. Responsible for offering more than 230 exceptional travel experiences in destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Central America and North America, Trafalgar Travel prides itself on its ability to offer insider experiences that enable guests to enjoy genuine experiences and authentic cultural insights with knowledgeable locals.

Do What You Like
You’re usually stuck with economical but congested guided tours or excellent but expensive private itineraries when you choose most travel companies. However, with Trafalgar Travel, you have the freedom to do what YOU like, without having to drain the wallet for the experience. The company offers seven holiday styles to make sure that they have something which caters to YOUR specific needs. But despite the differences, each offers some essential aspects that make each tour feel more special. A focus on insider experience lets you meet locals and discover the culture and heritage of the place they’re visiting. Your journey is always made easier so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening in the background and can concentrate only on enjoying yourself. And finally, every itinerary has a degree of flexibility and ample free time to ensure that your tour feels special, and doesn’t end up becoming a routine that you simply HAVE to do.

Live in Style…
Having the right hotel isn’t just about choosing the right amenities and luxuries. It is also about staying the right place, close to attractions you want to visit. The perfect hotel should also feel special. Whether it’s centrally located next to your attractions or shopping districts, or close to some of the best natural beauty in the city you’re visiting, the location makes ALL the difference in your itinerary. And then there’s the privilege of staying in authentic hand-picked hotels and resorts. For example, living in an ancient palace in India or staying at a 18th century watermill in France could make you remember your journey forever.

We are the first to create Insider Experiences; enabling our guests to appreciate their destination through genuine local experiences, such as dining with locals in their homes. And we continue to evolve guided travel in new directions.

Why book with Us

Capable Hands
You’re always in capable hands when you’re choosing a company like Trafalgar Travel. There’s a tour for all kinds of travelers, whether they’re traveling alone, with a loved one or with the entire family. There’s an experience that feels special, irrespective of interests. You’ll always be treated like a celebrity, avoid queues in many attractions, stay in some of the most delectable hotels and get access to the best amenities. After all, no one stays at the top of the chain for 70 years without offering something special!

Authentic Experiences
From guides and historians to hosts, chefs, drivers and farmers, your trip will only be as special as the people you encounter. Meeting the right people not only introduces you to a new culture, it also helps you learn more about the place you’re visiting, its customs, its history and the local way of life. Meeting and interacting with these insiders will open up that new world in a way you never thought possible.

A Sustainable Approach
What makes Trafalgar Travel so unique is its ability to deeply touch and evolve the destinations it caters to. It is a part of TreadRight, an initiative that strives to sustain communities and environments for future generations and it does its best to employ local businesses wherever possible to help out the local economy.

Tours and Holidays by Trafalgar

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Autumn Colours

9 days From USD 4,525 USD 3,752
10 days From USD 3,423
Salt Lake City/Rapid City

Wild West, Cowboys and Buffalos

9 days From USD 3,825 USD 3,516

Spectacular Canadian Rockies

9 days From USD 3,435
Grand Junction/Las Vegas

Utah's Mighty Five National Parks

10 days From USD 3,725 USD 3,442
8 days From USD 3,525 USD 2,800