I was born and raised in Vietnam. I love my country, and I have always been passionate about travelling and wanting to share my experience with others. Travelling for me had never been limited to just Vietnam, and I extensively explored Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand as well.

I began my travelling experience as an individual, exploring the areas close to Hanoi by motorbike. With time my trips became farther to different destinations, and I start organizing trips for my friends, which then became my profession. My country is full of beautiful places and friendly people, which inspired me to start a travel company.

My company started as a very small family business, and now it has grown and offers more destinations in Indochina, which I know and love the same as my country.

Even after 11 years of working, I still feel inspired to design trips for our travellers, offering them an authentic experience and not the ‘standard’ way of exploring the country. I believe that travelling is not limited to sightseeing and can always be something unique and different, whether through meeting interesting people, cooking a local meal, or heading off the beaten paths.

Just let me know what you like to do, and I will find the perfect way to explore Indochina through the things you love.

Hien's Travel Expertise

I specialize in Vietnam and my passion is to share the local heritage and the way of living. I focus on deep immersion into the local culture and letting you discover it from different sides. With my trips, you will visit authentic villages, learn about local crafts or activities as well as about the modern life of Indochina.

I am also an expert in designing custom trips for your unique preferences and budgets. For example, as a mother of 2 beautiful children, I know everything about a family vacation, and I can organize the perfect trip to make happy both parents and kids!

Hien's best travel experience

Whenever I need motivation and inspiration, I travel to the mountains in Northern Vietnam, to Sapa or Ha Giang. These provinces have extremely beautiful natural surroundings and friendly people with a very different culture from the rest of Vietnam. Every time I go there I explore something new: a new trek, new craft or local food, a new favorite spot. Life is challenging in these regions, but you always see real happiness and big smiles from the locals. Here I am always close to nature, see the beautiful sky with the bright stars, and meet interesting people. And every time I come back from these trips, I feel more passionate to do what I am doing.

Why is Hien the right travel expert

Apart from great knowledge of destinations I offer, I carefully listen to every client and pay attention to the details to make sure that the trip will be designed to meet all your requirements and wishes. I am creative and well experienced in different travel styles. I always try to look at the tour from a different perspective to offer something unique, that you will remember for a lifetime. I also guarantee high-quality service and 24/7 support during your trip.