My name is Alessia and I'm Vietnamese. Having worked as an operator and travel consultant for two years, I've had the chance to match tourists seeking to enjoy travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand with unforgettable experiences. My enthusiasm for travel and the joy I get from assisting clients create special itineraries that fit their interests are why I love my career in tourism. If a trip is a customer’s dream, it’s wonderful to feel like a co-creator of that dream!

I love the bustling streets of my hometown, Hanoi, and almost every other city I’ve had the chance to explore. I believe that each destination isn’t merely a collection of attractions, but a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of culture, lifestyle, and the people who call it home.

Not only am I excited to visit new places myself, but I also cherish my role as a travel expert, connecting foreign friends to experience the diversity and beauty of Indochina.

Alessia's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tours of all lengths, from multiple-day long hauls to short or classic tours. Whether it’s a classic or adventure trip, a beach holiday, cultural exploration or leisure—I always have something to offer.

I aim to provide the best-customized tour operator in Indochina. With a wide range of activities, I take pride in successfully completing many services, including series package tours and travel services to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Expert Activities

Alessia's best travel experience

I have had the chance to explore my own country as well as other nations in the area and even farther abroad to Europe. Among many experiences, the journey I took with my family to Hoi An, a historic Southeast Asian trading port that dates from the 15th to the 19th century, remains my favorite excursion. This city is filled with colorful lanterns and rows of ancient houses painted in ancient yellow, bringing a feeling of warmth and tranquility. I feel like everyone has their own favorite destination like mine, a place you always want to return to no matter how many times you've been.

Why is Alessia the right travel expert

Dedicated, professional and experienced—I will always be ready to listen to your shares and suggestions to create the most suitable trip. I believe that travel is highly personal—every client has different preferences regarding destination choices, travel styles, time limit and budgets— so I am meticulous in creating each itinerary. I love to amaze you with not only a dynamic portfolio of options but also with my flexibility in making your travel plan according to your requests and changing demands.

My mission is simple: to be your best local friend!