I was born in Pogradec, Albania. As a child, I loved spending time by the lake and in nature, and I developed a passion for exploring, hiking, and traveling. I have a master's degree in tourism and international business and I worked for 6 years as a researcher at the Bank of Albania, which helped strengthen my ability to analyze the market.

I love to travel. I like the adventure of it and what I learn from being in contact with other cultures and people. This passion for travel and experiencing authentic cultures and places is what I like to offer to travelers. Helping others plan their trips so that they can have similar experiences is why I do what I do, bringing travelers from all over the world to Albania and the Balkans.

Alban's Travel Expertise

Based in Tirana, the company I work for focuses on offering tours around Albania, Kosovo and the Balkans. I personally specialize in all places and activities that Albania and the Balkans have to offer, including culture, history, hiking, rafting, authentic local experiences, UNESCO sites, and the Albanian Riviera. Whether you're looking for an escape, a tailored tour, a cultural experience, or an adventure, I can find something just for you!

Alban's best travel experience

I’ve had many unique travel experiences in Albania and the Balkans. One of my favorite experiences was a hike from Valbona to Theth. The walk takes about 6 to 8 hours with about 1050 meters in elevation in remote terrain and is nevertheless unquestionably worthy.

The Valbona pass to Theth offers a spectacular view of the Balkan Peaks and “Bjeshket e Nemuna”. When I reached the top of the Valbona Pass, I experienced a serious shot of adrenaline. On the way to Theth, we passed through very beautiful landscapes and wild forests. These are just some of the highlights that will for sure stick with me for a long time!

Why is Alban the right travel expert

As a passionate traveler, I have become an expert travel specialist. I have also traveled all through Albania and the Balkans, so I know the best places to go. I love what I do and I have lots of experience planning tailored tours and holidays based on clients' needs and interests. Together with the company I work for, we can ensure the best quality service and a very high level of safety for our clients.