I was born in Niksic, Montenegro, but grew up in Podgorica. From a young age, my parents exposed me to the natural world and helped me build strong bonds with the world I live in. As a child, I loved spending time in nature and started kayaking. Later came my interest in hiking, rock climbing, and speleology, which all led to me choosing Geography as my university major.

During my studies, I discovered the beauty of working in tourism; I joined a team of passionate professionals and started my journey as a sales agent. I started working with customers on customized tours all across Montenegro, where my knowledge came of significant use. I discovered I could be creative whilst working on new programs and making one-of-a-kind experiences for specific customer profiles.

I continued my studies and earned an MSc in geospatial and environmental science, which helped direct my interest towards a more sustainable way of travel, rural tourism, outdoor active holidays, etc.

My motivation is helping explorers discover the natural and cultural wonders of Montenegro and the Balkans, whilst helping the local community.

Pava's Travel Expertise

I am very knowledgeable about Montenegro, and all the best places to visit. My main expertise is around adventure and outdoor activities, plus cultural sites, architectural and religious monuments, natural wonders such as National Parks, nature parks, mountain glacier lakes, etc. Montenegro is a small country by size but very versatile by bio and geodiversity, as well as by historically predominated impacts, which all result in a wide range of interesting sites one should pay a visit to.

Expert Destinations

Pava's best travel experience

In Northern Montenegro is one of the most beautiful canyons in our country—the Nevidio or Unseen Canyon. Canyon Nevidio is part of Mala Komarnica, a river that rises at the pedestal of the southern part of Durmitor. The biggest part of the canyon is in eternal shadow; sunlight cannot reach the bottom because of steep cliffs. During my visits there, I have jumped from 8-meter high cliffs, abseiled down the fixed ropes into natural pools filled with crystal clear waters, and swam through narrow passages (rocks shrink to 1.5 meters while at the same time rising 30 to 40 meters vertically). These are just some of the highlights that will for sure stick with me for a long time! The unique beauty of the gorge, cascades, and sparkling waterfalls that keeps Nevidio Canyon is reason enough to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro.

Why is Pava the right travel expert

I love what I do and I have lots of experience planning custom trips and holidays based on clients' needs and interests. I am keen on helping travelers and explorers discover the wonders of the wild and beautiful Balkans, and as a local who loves exploring, I am an excellent choice for a travel expert!

The Balkans sure do offer a different kind of adventure, come and see why!