I was born and raised in Niksic, a city in the central part of Montenegro. When I was 4 years old, my parents signed me up for English classes where I learned English mostly about topics that were travel-related. This is where I developed my curiosity about travel, which led me to choose my current career path.

I have been working in tourism for the last 10 years, and I focus on the Balkan region (Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania). I aim to create unique experiences for each customer individually and try my best to create memories that travelers can benefit from.

I am an active person with a passion for traveling and exploring. I live a very active life, enjoy my gym time, and love both the outdoors and city exploring.

Marko's Travel Expertise

My specific area of interest are tours that combine comfort, experience, and beautiful sights. Together with my team, I work on multi-day packages that are suitable for everyone. I give my best to create trips that combine the best of what customers want, from outdoor activities, cultural and religious tours, general sightseeing, and city exploring to relaxing boat tours. I like to provide a complete picture of the region, including interesting history and rich heritage, stunning natural wonders, and the unique lifestyle of the Balkans and its inhabitants.

Expert Destinations

Marko's best travel experience

Although it is hard to choose only one, one of the best experiences I've had in the past 2 years is a trip I took to the Prokletije (Accursed) Mountains. Driving from our capital, Podgorica, I took the road through the stunning Cijevna (Cemi) river canyon towards Albania. After crossing the border, I stopped at a local restaurant to enjoy some traditional food and then continued towards the Montenegro border and to the Prokletije Mountains and a famously known glacier valley —Ropojana—where I spent the night. I booked a stay in a local household in order to have a local experience with organic food.

The next day, I hiked to the Lake Valley and enjoyed the surreal landscapes all around me. Later, I visited the famous Oko Skakavice (Eye of the Grasshopper) spring and took a chance to test the "Wim Hoff" ice-cold swim method. The water temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius, so this definitely was one of the highlights of this trip! The next day I headed back home, with my batteries fully charged and ready for the following working week.

Why is Marko the right travel expert

I take each and every request with the same passion and determination for creating a program that will satisfy the customers' needs. I enjoy challenges, and I believe that I benefit from each experience and grow through the journey. I belong to a team of creative young professionals, who are always up for learning new skills, engaging in various courses, trainings, etc. This serves as a persistent motivation, always keeping us curious and with a desire to discover new possibilities and create original projects.