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  • Sarah Moore
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"We had an unforgettable experience last week on this tour. We were a group of 4 women with limited to some hiking experience. Anna and Stasia from Altezza were very responsive leading up to our booking. They were very easy and transparent regarding all the booking details. During the trip, our guides Baraka and Gerald were highly professional throughout our trek. They made sure that we were as comfortable as possible. This included all the small things, such as making sure we got enough lights for dinner and bringing more if we needed, as well as the big things, such as making sure that we summited! Baraka and Gerald were highly experienced as guides, and made sure to adjust their walking speeds to the individual needs of our group. They were also very personable, friendly and extremely approachable if we ever had questions (and we had many!). In addition, the rest of the crew (there were 20 people in total), that helped us were all highly attentive and very competent- we could not have done this without them. The food from our chef Justin was delicious - we’ve never had soup as creamy and eggs cooked the way he makes them- it stood out as unparalleled hiking food! Our server Benson told us really funny stories about his many trips in the mountains while he prepared dinner. The rest of the crew who worked behind the scenes tirelessly made everything seamless! We couldn’t have asked for more. Some tips in addition to the other ones you may find online:
1. Bring Vaseline - it gets really dry in the mountains so that would really help.
2. It also gets very dusty in the mountain, so if you have dust allergies, you might need some medication. Even if you are not allergic to dust, it may be good to bring a bandana or something equivalent to keep off the dust.
3. Rent the portable toilet!!! It is much better than the public restrooms, and relatively clean. Much more convenient if you need to go at night.
4. Bring an extra roll of toilet paper- you won’t need it for the toile if you rent the portable toilet, but it is useful if your nose runs because it gets cold.
5. Bring extra hand warmers if you can. In addition to using them on Summit Day, some mornings are also cold. The crew does give you heated rubber bottles for warmth as well- so this is just for extra comfort.
6. Bring mouthwash! Some nights are somewhat cold, so you may choose to mouthwash rather than do the full floss/brush. Makes you feel cleaner for sure. Same goes for disposable baby wipes in addition to a camping towel (quick dry so you don’t have to use a wet one the next day!)
7. Bring extra snacks if you can- the crew never will ask you for food, but we think they really appreciate it when you share. Same goes for anything else you think you can spare. Sharing is caring!
8. Ask questions! We learned quite a bit about the mountains and the lives of our entire crew when we did- it was very rewarding learning more about the local culture and language."
  • Rodney Morgan
  • From USA
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"I signed up solo for Kili hike with Altezza. I had the best experience ever. They take care of you and support you based on your ability. You are observed carefully from Day 1, your health and ability are tracked and you are matched with the guides to be able to successfully make it to the summit. It has been nothing short of a breathtaking experience and I personally learnt a lot from how they organize themselves and how they take care of every small thing. Our chief guide was Baraka and he is simply amazing! Very professional, friendly and highly experienced. All other guides were amazing too, Eric, Exaude, Julius, Rama and others.
Food was amazing! Justin and Azzez did a great job as our cooks and they are simply great people who take into account all your dietary needs. Could not have finished the hike without the support of porters and campmasters. A suggestion would be to pay for a portable toilet to share and that helps a lot during the hike.
There was not a single time that I felt low or as if support was lacking. All the guides are warm and friendly and they can understand a person very well. My guide carried a small bottle of coca-cola for me during summit day and gave it to me at the stella point for sugar needed. They are as thoughtful as this. They are very keen on everyone being successful and happy. If you are currently reading these reviews to decide if Altezza is the right choice..just go for it. Altezza is the BEST choice and you will thank yourself for your decision."
  • Michael Smith
  • From Ukraine
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"I really recommend this provider.
All was great - support, help.supporting crew, guides, Rongai route. trip to coffee & banana place.
We liked our trip very much!"

About Us

We are a young and experienced team located in Moshi, Tanzania.

Having security, experience and use of professional equipment as our firm guidelines, we organize:

1. Successful expeditions to the Roof of Africa — Mount Kilimanjaro
2. Safari tours in Tanzania National Parks
3. Zanzibar beach resort
4. Various excursions to waterfalls, coffee plantations, Maasai and Hadzabe tribes, Chemka hot springs, horse safari, etc.

Why book with Us

- We provide high service quality at a reasonable price.
- We provide professional team support.
- All our guides are certified.
- We are reputed for:
1. Being 'Wilderness First Responders'
2. Our experience of over 7 years in climbing
3. Our summit success rate of 98%

Our office is located in Moshi (right at the foot of the mountain), which eliminates the need for long transfers.

We are prompt in our replies to clients' request.

Tours and Holidays by Altezza Travel

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  • No booking or credit card fees

Mt. Kilimanjaro - Lemosho route, 8 days

of 30 reviews
8 days From US$ 2,249 US$ 2,137

Climb Kilimanjaro: Lemosho Route, 9 Days

of 7 reviews
9 days From US$ 2,589 US$ 2,460

Mt. Kilimanjaro - Machame route, 8 days

of 7 reviews
8 days From US$ 2,156 US$ 2,048

Mt. Kilimanjaro - Marangu route, 7 days

of 6 reviews
7 days From US$ 1,812 US$ 1,721

Mt. Kilimanjaro - Umbwe route, 8 days

of 3 reviews
8 days From US$ 2,193 US$ 2,083
4 days From US$ 1,088 US$ 1,034