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Avg Daily: 11 °C 52 °F Avg Nightly: 2 °C 36 °F
Avg Rainfall: 132 mm
Avg Daily: 11 °C 52 °F Avg Nightly: 2 °C 36 °F
Avg Rainfall: 120 mm
Avg Daily: 15 °C 59 °F Avg Nightly: 6 °C 43 °F
Avg Rainfall: 100 mm
Avg Daily: 17 °C 63 °F Avg Nightly: 9 °C 48 °F
Avg Rainfall: 87 mm
Avg Daily: 23 °C 73 °F Avg Nightly: 13 °C 55 °F
Avg Rainfall: 99 mm
Avg Daily: 27 °C 81 °F Avg Nightly: 17 °C 63 °F
Avg Rainfall: 60 mm
Avg Daily: 29 °C 84 °F Avg Nightly: 19 °C 66 °F
Avg Rainfall: 28 mm
Avg Daily: 29 °C 84 °F Avg Nightly: 18 °C 64 °F
Avg Rainfall: 39 mm
Avg Daily: 26 °C 79 °F Avg Nightly: 15 °C 59 °F
Avg Rainfall: 73 mm
Avg Daily: 21 °C 70 °F Avg Nightly: 11 °C 52 °F
Avg Rainfall: 157 mm
Avg Daily: 16 °C 61 °F Avg Nightly: 6 °C 43 °F
Avg Rainfall: 152 mm
Avg Daily: 12 °C 54 °F Avg Nightly: 3 °C 37 °F
Avg Rainfall: 142 mm


Albania is a unique destination because not a lot of people recognize the country and all its beauty. This Mediterranean destination is wild and charming, and yet, vastly undiscovered. Experience Europe like you have never seen before in this small land, where you will assuredly have the adventure of a lifetime! Albania’s weather is fairly varied, depending on the region you’re headed to. Read on to find out what is the best time to visit Albania, so that you can plan out your perfect vacation!

Best Time To Visit Albania - Albania

Quick Facts

  • Best Time to Visit Albania: April - June, September - October
  • High Tourist Season: July - August
  • Low Season: November - March
  • All Seasons: April - June (spring), July - August (summer), September - October (fall), November - March (winter)
  • The best time to visit Albania is between April - June, and September - October, when the weather is just right for a mountain or a beach holiday.
  • July - August is the peak season for tourists, but the coastal summer heat will be scorching, so you won’t be able to explore the entirety of the country in peace.
  • November - March is winter, and is the low season in Albania. It’s recommended that you don’t travel to the country during this period, but if you’re working on a budget, this might be a good time for you to travel.

Albania has had a history of communism and violence and unfortunately, the aftermath still sticks in minds of many people. However, all you have to do is talk to somebody who has been to Albania recently, and you’ll get to know about the true wonders of the country - its beautiful Ottoman architecture, incomparably beautiful Mediterranean beaches and lofty peaks. It is an exotic locale since people haven’t started exploring the country in depth, so you will definitely be able to explore the country without having to come across rampant commercialization.

All you have to do is to find out the best time to visit Albania. The shoulder seasons of April - June, and September - October are the best times to visit Albania. The weather is ideal - it is not too hot, and it is not too cold, making this perfect for those who want to explore the great outdoors!

The high season in Albania is between July - August, and this is when to visit Albania if you want to have an amazing summer holiday. The weather in Albania will be quite hot, especially around the beaches, but it is still a good season for you to visit, especially compared to the other European countries around the area.

Seasonal Overview

April to June — Spring / Good Season

April to June is spring season in Albania

Between April and June, weather in Albania is rather pleasant. The winter cold has faded away, and the summer heat hasn’t begun yet. The weather is pleasant in the coastal areas, and in the mountains as well, especially in the western part of the country. This is a shoulder season, so there will be fewer crowds in the country, compared to summer.

  • Avg. Temperature: 74 – 87° F / 23 – 31° C (in Tirana)
  • Rainfall: 51 – 147 mm
  • Season: Spring
  • Highlights: This is when to visit Albania to relax by the coast, and enjoy the beaches. The Ionian Coast and Saranda have some stunning locales for you to enjoy, as does the Albanian Riviera. The Riviera will have a number of musical events and concerts for you to engage in during this period as well. For a unique experience, you can head to the Ksamil Islands, a short boat ride away from the Riviera, where you can enjoy pristine, unexplored islands!

July to August — Summer / High Season

July to August is summer season in Albania

July to August is the peak season in Albania, when the sun is shining at its brightest. The summer is pleasant in the mountains, but towards the coastal areas, the weather becomes unbearably hot. This is peak season for tourism in Albania, but there will still be far fewer tourists in Albania than there will be in the rest of Europe, so you won’t have heavy crowds to worry about!

  • Avg. Temperature: 93° F / 34° C (in Tirana)
  • Rainfall: 31 – 32 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Highlights: Summer is a good time to go exploring in the mountainous areas, as this is where you will get the most respite from the heat. The best place to explore would be Theth, high up in the Albanian Alps, where you can go hiking, and explore the Grunas Waterfall, or the peaks of Thethi and Boga.

September to October — Fall / Good Season

September to October is Fall season in Albania

September and October are two of the best months to visit Albania. The summer heat starts wearing off, and the fall colours bloom everywhere. The weather is quite enjoyable, even though the evenings might be a little chilly. This is a shoulder season, so you don’t have to worry about crowds either.

  • Avg. Temperature: 73 – 83° F / 23 – 28° C (in Tirana)
  • Rainfall: 100 – 157 mm
  • Season: Fall
  • Highlights: This is a great time to go exploring the outdoors. Head over to Berat, the city of a thousand Ottoman windows, or go to Gjirokastra, the UNESCO site with beautiful castles. Kruja, known for its stunning architecture, is another place you should definitely visit.

November to March — Winter / Low Season

November to March is winter season in Albania

Weather in Albania is quite cold during this period. It especially gets incredibly cold in the mountains. The coastal areas experience a chill breeze, and it won’t be possible for people to go swimming either. This is the low season in Albania, and if you don’t mind the cold, or want to stick to the urban areas, you can definitely visit during this period, and make use of the discounts!

  • Avg. Temperature: 52 – 63° F / 11 – 17° C (in Tirana)
  • Rainfall: 1 – 328 mm
  • Season: Winter
  • Highlights: Winter can be cold, and it will restrict your ability to lounge around in the Riviera, or head up the mountains for a trek. However, this is a good time for you to visit Tirana or Berat, for there will be little to no tourists within the city. Albanian Christmas is definitely a sight to behold, as is the Pagan Summer Festival in March, so that makes this one of the best times to visit Albania!
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