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Rwanda Guided Tour Reviews

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Oh My Freaking God I Want to Move to Africa.
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
I have been fortunate to travel a lot. These countries were my 51st, 52nd and 53rd but this was the best time of my life. This was my 7th small group trip. I have never felt more grateful in my lifeand it is all owed to this wonderful staff, Gilbert (our guide), Stoney (our driver), Albert (our cook) and Charles (his helper).I moderately injured my low back while rafting in Jinja and was very worried that if it worsened (from camping or the bumpy dirt roads) I would not be able to do the Chimp or Gorilla treks. The staff did everything in their power to help me through this and Im very thankful for that; the injury never worsened and I was able to do everything that the agenda entailed.The safari portion of our trip was extraordinary, particularly in the Mara and Lake Nakuru. The boat safari in Murchison was also amazing as we saw everything in such a different ecosystem. The highlights: five lionesses in a tree, two leopards, a monster of a crocodile, a wildebeest stampede, a hippo and a family of warthogs at our campsite in Murchison, hordes of playful baby baboons, a pack of zebras hilariously chasing an territory-invading jackal and virtually every other large African mammal except the cheetah.A few other animal experiences to mention:There are 1,388 species of birds in East Africa. Im not a birder or anything but I was constantly in awe of the gorgeous, highly varied plumage patterns of these majestic creatures.The chimps in the Budongo Forest were outrageous. We hoped to just see a few eating in the treetops. We saw that and about twenty minutes into our viewing session a highly-orchestrated colobus monkey hunt began with screeching, screaming and yelling. Chimps rapidly descended all around us, ran across the forest floor and ascended other trees nearby. The rangers claimed they killed three colobus. While we collectively only had one picture of a chimp eating his prey, it was an exhilarating, albeit terrifying and somewhat sad, experience.I figured the chimps had stolen the show. But the gorillas responded. Extraordinary experience...we had no clue how close they were going to get. They say its a seven meter distance that we need to maintain, but not if the gorillas decide they want to play with you... One of the gorillas (an impish three year old boy) sprinted to me, stuck his head between my knees and patted the sides of my thighs in rapid succession. He then just lied there. No one got any of it on film because the silverback, Bweza, was waking right towards me as his son was pulling this stunt and everyone had to shuffle away quickly... Bweza was no more than two meters away from me before we could all pull back. It was terrifying but that early lesson taught us that these gorillas are extremely habituated and thus, totally harmless; I suspect Bweza was simply wanting to keep his playful toddler in check. Later on during the viewing hour, the same three yr old pirouetted three or four times right at our feet. It was adorable. That was followed by several minutes of wrestling with his same-aged cousin. One of the great memories of my life.Most importantly, our crew made the trip.Gilbert, our leader, was outstanding. Solid knowledge of the animals. He has degrees in tourism and social anthropology and it really shows. He not only has a good understanding of the countries we visited but the continent and the world as a whole. His education led to a bunch of really interesting conversations that I enjoyed. Very well organized, kind and funny as well. A great trip leader.Albert was our chef and did a damn good job prepping tasty meals for us. Most importantly though, he was ALWAYS in a good mood and lifted the spirits of our group constantly. Ill never forget the guy.Stoney, our driver, was a great great guy. Sincere, kind and very hard working. He navigated some tough roads and kept us on time. I had several great conversations with him about all kinds of topics ... mostly his family, his childhood and Kenyas hopes for the future. Another guy with a big heart Ill never forget.Lastly, Charles, the helper, was just a damn hard worker. For a first timer, he really seemed to contribute a lot. Always dived in when he was needed.Again, what a great trip. Im elated that I was able to do this with such a wonderful group of people.Thanks to the tour operator!
Gorillas & the big 5, an amazing adventure
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
Excellent trip with the major highlights being the gorilla trekking at the beginning and the wildlife safaris in Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara at the end (and we got to see all of the Big 5). Uganda was slightly disappointing, as we had to miss the Lake Mburo stop due to weather, although I did enjoy the white water rafting in Jinja. The crew were excellent and the accommodation was good throughout and it was a great group. Overall I had a fantastic time.
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
WOW! Talk about a holiday of a lifetime. This has to be one of the most amazing and special trips I have been on. From meeting the group at the airport I knew that it was going to be something special. Often as group leader, Benard and Nebert are fantastic at making you feel welcome and involving the entire group. There is a great bond between them and it was this bond and their fantastic characters that made the holiday so enjoyable for me, they are an ace team. A special mention to Benard as well for his cooking throughout the trip, he always accommodated people and the BBQ steak was awesome. Seeing all of the ‘big 5’ and all the other wildlife in their natural habitat is very special most of all, the Gorilla’s, for which we were incredibly lucky to see the famed Susa group. Most emotional and moving for everyone was definitely the orphanage which is doing such wonderful work, and the genocide museum which really hits hard. Thanks to each of the leaders and the rest of the group for making it such good fun, certainly memories that will last a lifetime.

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