I got into guiding in Rwandan jungles because it was my passion; I was born and raised at my parents’ home in a place near Akagera National Park, one of Rwanda’s national parks. I always saw guides and tourists passing by and it attracted my ambitions. After finishing high school, I trained to be a guide in that national park, and soon after I was hired.

I started guiding in 2004 for other tour operators. As a guide, I met a lot of people from all over the world and it made me happy. I gained a lot of skills and knowledge during the process. I still use my learnings today, so that I can meet the expectations of the tourists.

In 2008, I decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in Travel and Tourism Management. After graduation, I set up an eco-travel and tourism company, of which I have been the managing director from 2012 until now. When I am not guiding, I like to travel, read books about travel and tourism, and listen to music.

Reginal's Travel Expertise

I am experienced in organizing safaris, trekking and hiking as it is a big part of tourism in Rwanda. However I take huge pride in my ability to arrange and execute gorilla tracking tours in Rwanda and Uganda. Interacting with gorillas is the most interesting and exciting thing for me.

With years of experience, I bring my knowledge on gorilla tracking to the grounds and can give insightful information on the dos and don'ts once inside the forest and amongst gorillas.

Reginal's best travel experience

In 2011, after obtaining my university degree, I moved to Nairobi, Kenya to work in the Nairobi National Museum as an Intern. There, I worked as a guide in different galleries of the huge museum. I spent six months there, working Monday to Friday in the museum. I guided clients from all over the world but specifically French speaking clients since I was the only person who knew French at the museum. During the weekend, I used to travel to Mombasa beach which was always pleasant. I loved the ocean and spending time at the beach. This six months in Kenya opened my mind and played an important role to push me towards a future as professional tour operator.

Why is Reginal the right travel expert

As I was born and brought up in Rwanda and have traveled to all corners of the country and visited its major attractions, I am a true local guide. I am knowledgeable not only about hidden sites but also about our unique culture. Together with my knowledge and expertise in the tourism industry of Eastern Africa, you can trust me to exceed your expectations when planning a trip to this region.