I grew up in Kasese district, with a passion for exploring my country Uganda, also known as "the Pearl of Africa". I have always enjoyed designing trips for family, friends and myself, and now I absolutely revel in creating itineraries for my clients and help them make quality memories.

For me, traveling is about learning the lifestyle of every new place I visit and to arrive at a profound understanding of how cultural and geographical context affects human experience across the globe. I love traveling and adventure, making new friends all over the world, and discovering the best travel destinations for my clients and to create memories with them that last a lifetime. I am always motivated by the idea of discovering the least thought of activities and travel experiences like heritage of different cultures, life of common animals like mongooses, and the local farming practices of different communities.

Ronald's Travel Expertise

I am highly knowledgeable about the eastern region of Uganda since it is also one of my favorite destinations. The rich culture of its people the "Karamojongs", never fails to fascinate travelers. This ethnic group believes that all the local African cows belong to them, and they are proud of their lifestyle. The area is home to three beautiful national parks that I highly recommend: the Kidepo Valley National Park, the Pian Upe National Game Reserve and the Mount Elgon National Park.

In the western region of Uganda, that is endowed with magnificent crater lakes, Savannah parks and the primate world, I specialize in wildlife safaris, birding, gorilla and chimpanzee treks, mountaineering and white water activities.

Ronald's best travel experience

Some six years back, I was handling a group tour of about six tourists and each of them had his or her own goal/interest for this trip. When we started the trip, I had promised to meet each of the member's request and fulfill their dream before the end of the trip.

While tracking the chimpanzees in Kibale forest, one of them wanted to at least touch the closest relative of man. While it is not encouraged to approach and interact with chimpanzees, the primates are curious mammals and will sometimes make the initiative themselves. Luckily, a 7 year old young chimpanzee approached the client and relaxed on his back for about 3 minutes. It was an amazing experience not just for the specific client but for everyone who witnessed the interaction. We all left the forest with endless smiles.

On the same trip, there was an elderly woman named Jan who was on her last trip to Uganda. She wanted to take a close-range photograph of an elephant and had been requesting it endlessly during our drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Despite my best efforts, all our elephant encounters that day was limited to distant sightings. The day was coming to a close and we had almost given up when my colleague signaled me to slow down the vehicle — this is usually done when there is a leopard in sight. Before I could stop the car, a male elephant named Johnie came charging out of the thicket and in front of our car. Jan was coincidentally on the passenger seat and while I was struggling to drive backwards, with everyone screaming for god's intervention, she giddily captured every move of the elephant for five minutes straight. When the elephant finally left us for the bush, Jan was all praises for her luck on the trip whereas the rest of us were frightened to death.

It was a very special trip, the memories of which never fails to make me smile, and I'm sure it has the same effect on those who were on the trip.

Why is Ronald the right travel expert

When you travel with me, you aren’t just seeing new lands or meeting new people. Rather, you’re telling yourself a story — one that educates, inspires and revitalizes you, every step of the way, therefore delivering an exceptional safari experience. I choose to put safety first so that your holiday or safari experience is safe, fun, full of adventure and stress free.