I'm the founder and president of Uncharted Earth, an adventure travel company that specializes in lesser known and relatively undeveloped travel destinations. We seek out unspoiled nature destinations and authentic experiences to give our customers exceptional adventures that go way beyond typical tours.

I grew up paddling canoes and riding water buffaloes on my dad's farm in the Philippines. I spent my early twenties hiking, diving, travelling and working in leisure real estate development, but in 2006 I decided to follow my passion for adventure travel. The following year I was in Boston, Massachusetts getting my MBA from Babson College, a business school known for entrepreneurship. While studying I worked with Earthwatch Institute and gained valuable insight into sustainable travel. After graduation, I moved to Colombia to work with a company that ran summer camps and nature tours and there I learned the intricacies of running adventure trips in a developing country.

I set up my own adventure travel company in 2011 and we have been taking people on extraordinary trips in the Philippines and Colombia since then!

Leo's Travel Expertise

I specialise in anything active in beautiful and unspoiled natural settings: mountains, rainforests, tropical islands and volcanoes; hiking, snorkelling, diving, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. I also specialize in interacting with indigenous people and immersions in traditional cultures.

Our trips are low profile, low impact, local, authentic. I believe this is the best way to travel and the best way to give our guests an exceptional experience. The places that we go to are special and we want to preserve their nature and local culture as best we can. Bringing a busload of thirty people, with sixty feet stomping on small trails during the day and thirty mouths chatting and deafening the local village at night is definitely NOT how we roll. We leave no trace on the places that we visit; it's the places that leave a trace on us.

Leo's best travel experience

In 2011, I had a new company and also a new dog that I adopted. I wanted to explore some very remote islands in the Philippines, accessible only by very long rides in a small boat, braving big waves in the Pacific. I couldn't find anyone to leave my dog with so I had to bring him with me. It was a fantastic trip to some of the most spectacular islands in the Philippines that few people have ever been to, and I had my big white fluffy dog with me riding huge waves, exploring caves, camping on pristine beaches and snorkelling coral reefs!

Why is Leo the right travel expert

I have traveled extensively in the Philippines and Colombia and have lived most of my life in those countries. I am very critical of travel destinations and activities and choose only the most worthwhile, authentic and exceptional experiences for my customers. Simply put, I know the best that these two countries have to offer --- and also the overrated and touristy areas to avoid --- and can ensure that you make the most out of your vacation. I am passionate about unspoiled nature and authentic adventure and am your best resource for adventure travel in the Philippines and Colombia.