I've always loved travelling and experiencing new places. I've been all over Colombia, my home country, and I've lived in China, the Philippines and on both coasts of the United States.

I earned my MBA in the Boston area, originally intending to go into strategic consulting. But during my time there and the years immediately following graduation I rediscovered my love for travel and nature. In 2013 I decided to make a career out of what I enjoy the most --- going to new places and immersing myself in spectacular nature --- and joined the adventure travel company that would become Uncharted Earth.

I'm now the vice president of Uncharted Earth, an adventure travel company that specializes in lesser known and relatively undeveloped travel destinations. We seek out unspoiled nature destinations and authentic experiences to give our customers exceptional adventures that go way beyond typical tours.

Cami's Travel Expertise

I specialise in anything active in beautiful and unspoiled natural settings in Colombia and the Philippines. Mountains, rainforests, tropical islands and volcanoes; hiking, snorkelling, diving, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. I also specialize in interacting with indigenous people and immersing people in traditional cultures.

Our trips are low profile, low impact, local and authentic. We believe this is the best way to travel and the best way to give our guests an exceptional experience. The places that we go to are special and we want to preserve their nature and local culture as best we can. Bringing a busload of thirty people, with sixty feet stomping on small trails during the day and thirty mouths chatting and deafening the local village at night is definitely NOT how we roll.

We leave no trace on the places that we visit; it's the places that leave a trace on us.

Cami's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience is when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Peru. Two days after our wedding day and we were already on an overnight bus to go on a 4-day trek of the Santa Cruz trail, one of the best, and most popular, trails in the country. On the first day of our trek, we encountered several parties who were doing the trek in the opposite direction. Starting on the second day, however, my husband and I trekked virtually alone, seeing no more than 10 other people for the rest of the trek. It was unbelievable that such a beautiful and popular trail had so few people on it. Having the Santa Cruz trail to ourselves was amazing. At the end of the trek, we found out that there had been a transportation strike right after we started hiking. No other people had been able to get to the trailheads after we had started. The strike then conveniently ended on our last day, so we were able to return to the city. We couldn't believe our luck. That trek was the perfect wedding present from the heavens.

Why is Cami the right travel expert

I am very well traveled in Colombia and the Philippines and have in-depth knowledge of both countries, but what sets me apart is my meticulous and personalized approach to designing and running trips. In the planning stage, I make sure that every trip that I send my customers on fits perfectly with their interests, preferences and travel goals. During trips, I am constantly in touch with our operations team to ensure that my customers are having a great time.