Ever since I remember, I have been traveling around Greece and abroad. I grew up in a suburb of Athens and my family was always organizing trips to different corners of the country.

I love exploring new places and discovering new cultures, which is why all the job positions I’ve ever had have been related to travel. I started as a journalist covering international news, then continued my career at Doctors Without Borders as a field communication officer. Both of these jobs gave me the opportunity to travel to faraway places and live very interesting experiences, making me realize how all the world is connected. At some point, I realized that I wanted to create my own company and dedicate my professional life to something I really like and enjoy, which is travel to Greece.

Julia's Travel Expertise

I mostly specialize in offering authentic experiences in lesser-known parts of my country. I like to show Greece as more than just a "sea and sun" destination and include many of the other travel experiences my country has to offer, such as hiking, culture, history, etc. I always look for unique stays up in the Greek mountains or secluded villages in off-the-beaten-path destinations and propose travel ideas and experiences that will bring the traveler closer to local life and culture.

Julia's best travel experience

A truly memorable experience I had was a two-day sea kayaking tour along a fascinating beach in the region of the Peloponnese. We paddled through a gulf and reached a secluded beach, had a short hiking experience up to a medieval castle, returned to the beach for a swim, and then paddled to a private island, where we camped for the night. An amazing experience.

Why is Julia the right travel expert

I make a great travel expert because I customize each trip according to the traveler's personal travel wishes, which makes the travel experience more personal and unique. I research a lot before I plan our cultural and experiential journeys, giving attention to every single detail of the route.

I then propose itineraries with relaxed rhythms and mild physical activity, where you can enjoy Greek nature and get in contact with locals. I also propose unexplored destinations with fewer travelers and more authentic experiences, and I collaborate with a broad network of locals, having deep knowledge in their field whether it is local food, culture, history, or archaeology. I provide accommodation in traditional guesthouses and small hotels, whenever possible.

I personally take care of every single detail of your trip, from the day you arrive until you return home safely. I am available to assist you 24/7 during your trip. I also choose hotels, transfers, and experiences with a certification of hygiene protocols so that I can ensure the safety of your trip.