Hi everyone! I am Angela (or as my Greek friends call me, Aggeliki). I am a travel and adventure lover just like you! I have been working in the travel industry for a quite few years now, and I still love creating new exciting trips, tours, and above all, experiences for people from all around the world that choose to visit this amazing country.

Born and raised in the US by Greek parents, I have been living in Greece since 1992 and loving it — there is no better place to live! Sun, sea, mountains, rivers, nightlife, food, culture, people, parties, fun, and a safe environment all consist of making Greece the ideal place to live or (if you're not that fortunate), to travel to during your holidays or even for a city break!

I have always loved traveling and discovering new places, especially hidden gems of places. From the time I was a young adult, I was getting in my car and heading for road trips! I discovered each and every corner of Greece and met amazing locals along the way. As the years passed by I found that I had become a travel expert on Greece. Then it hit me! I had to share this knowledge with other people, so I found a job at a travel agency and quickly scaled myself up to being the director of the incoming travel planning department. After getting the necessary knowledge of running a travel business I decided to establish my own travel company in June 2018. I am also an Adventure Travel Guide Standard Board Member Representing Greece since 2015.

I am still sharing my local expertise and experience with the same excitement as day one!

Angela's Travel Expertise

I specialize in each and every destination in Greece, but I especially focus on the hidden gems and the less "touristy" destinations. Even on world-famous islands like Mykonos, Santorini and Crete, I know all the unique, authentic, and off-the-beaten-path places to visit and see, along with the must-see touristy spots, of course!

My expertise is in providing authentic, memorable experiences that are tailored to what your interests are. Whether you are an outdoor and adventure enthusiast, a food junkie, a history and culture addict, or you just want to enjoy the alluring Greek blue of the beaches and islands, I've got you covered!

Angela's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience I had was on a group trip to Epirus Region. I was taking the group on a walking tour of Mestovo village and we were exploring the narrow streets and local homes. I turned my head and peeked inside a house, where I saw a woman weaving on a loom. I started talking to the group about how the locals use weaving techniques and how this is part of the local culture. At that point, the woman inside the house saw us and invited us inside to see the procedure up close! She showed us how it was done and talked about how this is part of the local life and explained the ways they use woven creations. Eventually, she sat every person in the group at the loom so they could personally experience the weaving technique! It was an amazing experience for all of us and the people in the group were so excited and amazed by the hospitality of this local woman. It was the highlight of our trip for sure!

Why is Angela the right travel expert

I love Greece and am an expert in the country. I offer guidance, the best recommendations on things to see and do during your stay, "don't miss" tips, and plenty of other info for before traveling or during your holidays here.

I aim to give you a feeling of all that Greece has to offer. Making amazing lifetime experiences for amazing people all over the world that choose Greece for their vacation, is my profession - so, let me help you experience Greece like never before through off-the-beaten-path tours and trips! Your trip will for sure be a memorable one! Get in touch!