Hi. I’m Russel and I was born and raised in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. I am a father of a toddler and I love sports, adventure, travel and all sorts of adrenaline pumping activities. I love to travel because aside from providing a momentary escape from the urban jungle, each new destination can offer a refreshing experience with nature.

I chose to be in the travel agency because I wanted to share my passion for travel, promote responsible tourism, help provide jobs to Filipinos and showcase the beauty of the Philippines.

As a travel enthusiast and adventure junkie, I have experienced scuba diving, sky diving, spelunking, hiking cliff jumping, island hopping, game fishing, surfing, and more, all in the Philippines.

The Philippine archipelago has such a rich and diverse culture. I love how each place has something unique to offer in terms of the landscape, the food, the people...even the dialects that people speak! I would love to introduce my country to you.

Russell's Travel Expertise

I specialize in adventure travel (scuba diving, sky diving, spelunking, hiking cliff jumping, etc), luxury travel and resorts, group/family travel, corporate trips, beach and island hopping, hiking and trekking tours.

I am also an expert in creating customized travel packages for individuals and groups who come to the Philippines for 10 or more days. As I have mentioned, the Philippines is an archipelago so logistics can be challenging. It takes someone very familiar to the country and someone who has really been all around to be able to create an itinerary that will maximize the length of your stay in the country.

Russell's best travel experience

I have been backpacking all around the Philippines and have immersed myself in the local cultures, met people in each destination and learned about the best-kept travel secrets of my country.

There are some moments from these travel that I will never forget, like spelunking for 10 hours, catching my first fish on a game fishing trip, seeing kilometres of giant clams in the remote parts of the country, the adrenaline rushes during my cliff jumps and much more!

Why is Russell the right travel expert

Being a travel enthusiast, I can guarantee that I have experienced first hand the packages that I offer and the itineraries that I create. If a place has something new to offer, I make sure to experience it first to see that the experience is worthwhile.

I provide a hands-on approach to delivering service to my clients. I try to keep up with the times by constantly innovating and improving our processes to make the whole travel experience convenient and memorable, from inquiry to the end of the trip.