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Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City was the capital of the Republic of South Vietnam during the war. Today it is an energetic, modern metropolis full of skyscrapers and designer malls. But it also has a rich history and culture, with many pagodas, palaces, museums, and colonial-era buildings.

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The best Cycling trip ever
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
This was such an attack on the senses and fantastic from start to finish. Vietnam has so much to offer and each day was a new experience which made the Cycling manageable and even in parts enjoyable. It was very hot when we went (August) but everyone powered through and felt a great sense of achievement at the end of the trip.
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
Another memorable holiday with Exodus! Vietnam has exceeded all expectations! Definitely one of my favorite destinations and one to strongly recommend. Perfectly organized. We saw the modern and traditional side of Vietnam. We had the best support team on our cycling days! We had good breaks between cycling and sightseeing days. We had the most relaxed leader CHI NGUYEN who allowed us time to ourselves, time to enjoy and do our own thing, which is something I appreciate a lot on holidays as the pressure of following the plan is sometimes too much in group holidays. Words are poor to express my gratitude to our amazing team of leader, mechanic, supportive staff. The weather was as expected. Sunny and hot as it is in these countries. Our hotel rooms where fantastic air condition available , we had a swimming pool available in most of them . Whale Island was beautiful and the people so friendly and welcoming. The food!!!!!!!!! was just amazing! Every day we tasted a different dish. As a vegeterian I think I had the best menu choices. I can't talk enough about the food in Vietnam. Back home for two weeks now and I am already trying all these amazing receipes. Chi! (Chi Nguyen) : your kindness, calmness , confidence, knowledge, your talent, but most of all your humility as a person are impressive. I consider myself a very lucky lady to have met you and it was an honor to have you as a leader on our holiday. Thank you for showing us your amazingly beautiful country! Ey! our sweet smiling tender-hearted mechanic! I wouldn't have made it without your help and encouragement? Thank you for supporting us all, thank you for your patience , thank you for the smiles, the laughs ! Truong and Nhan ! You guys have earned a very special place in my heart! You made the road easy to run with your positive energy, with your smiles and your kindness! Thank you for all the care, the fruit, the water!!!!!!,! But most of all thank you for being there! The colours, the flavors, the views and all of you beautiful people, will stay in my heart for ever! Definitely coming back to Vietnam very soon! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AT EXODUS! I can't praise enough your staff in Vietnam. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet theses wonderful people.
Amazing Vietnam
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
We had not done an adventure family holiday before and were unsure as to what to expect. Any anxieties were very quickly dispelled and we had a memorable 14 days discovering Vietnam from north to south. The schedule was paced so that we had time to recover from flights and travelling. The heat took some getting used to. Our tour guide said that Vietnam has two types of weather, hot and hotter, so don't pack a jumper! There were five other families on the tour and we all got along really well. Our tour guide Huyen Nguyen made sure everything went smoothly and imparted her in depth knowledge of Vietnam giving us context and descriptions of her beautiful country. The tour was a mix of activities from rickshaws in Hanoi, Cooking classes in Hoi An and relaxing at Whale island. We didn't really get into the history of the "American War" until late into the tour which was good, because Vietnam is so much more than its history! The Vietnamese people were warm, welcoming and generous. It is also helpful that English is spoken widely and quite well, which is useful as the Vietnamese language is very difficult to understand. The food was really tasty and we enjoyed the Ban-mi in particular. One final note, the Hotels were really good, particularly the Sincerity Hotel in Hoi An which has a very good swimming pool.

Ho Chi Minh City — Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Spend a day touring the historic sites and museums. Dive into the city’s food scene and visit the coffee shops, street food stalls and eating houses, which can be found all over the city. Make sure to leave room in your suitcase, because Ho Chi Minh City has some of the best markets, malls and boutiques in Vietnam.

Tour Highlights

  • No trip to Vietnam would be complete without learning about the Vietnam War and one of the best ways to do that is by visiting the Cu Chi tunnels. These are a maze of tunnels under the city where Viet Cong stored supplies and hid out during the war. Visitors can squash themselves into a section of the tunnels to experience what it was like.
  • Ben Thanh market is a large market selling handicrafts, souvenirs and delicious street food.
  • The Cao Dai Temple is the headquarters of Caodaism, a religion established in Vietnam in the twenties. Visitors can tour the colorful, ornate buildings and observe the daily services.
  • The charming Golden Dragon Theatre is where to watch a water puppet show, a form of traditional entertainment that began in rural Vietnam.
  • The War Remnants Museum chronicles the history of the Vietnam war with exhibits including salvaged military equipment and photographs.

Travel Tips

  • Get savvy and only book tours and taxis with recommended companies. Ho Chi Minh City is a popular place for scammers to operate.
  • Bring some earplugs because the city’s heavy traffic can make nodding off a challenge.
  • Carry small amounts of cash with you for street food snacks and souvenirs.

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