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How much time should I spend in Vietnam?

Visit Vietnam Ha Long Bay.
Discover the magic of Ha Long Bay – Vietnam’s crown jewel, where emerald waters, mystical caves, and towering limestone pillars create an unforgettable adventure.

When it comes to Vietnam, there is not much that can be incorporated in a short tour, usually lasting four to five days, except for its two largest urban centers, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and a natural landmark: Ha Long Bay, for example. Therefore, to make the most of your stay in the country, go for something longer. You can cover most of its must-see natural wonders, including Sa Pa and Phu Quoc, in seven to eight days.

However, since traveling means more than just destination-hopping, we recommend tours that are at least 10 days or longer to truly appreciate the people and the place. With enough time at hand, you can venture through the tribal areas of northern Vietnam, discover picturesque bays and pristine islands along its central and southern coast, and explore the historic sites like Hue and Mỹ Sơn.

Vietnam in 5 days

Phu Quoc is one of the most known island for its white beaches and resorts.
Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Vietnam’s night markets during your 5-day adventure.

If five days is all the time you have for a Vietnam tour, it is best to cover one region rather than dash from one corner of the country to another. Start your trip from Hanoi if it is hill tribes and trekking you are interested in. Head north from the city to Sa Pa and Bảo Lạc, where numerous ethnic groups live amid stunning natural scenery replete with lush forests, cascading waterfalls and paddy terraces that run across the hills. For beach bums and lovers of water sports, it is the south of the country that offers some amazing options. Travel to Nha Trang, a coastal resort city, if you do not mind the crowd. However, if you want a more secluded spot, Phu Quoc and Con Dao offer great options.

For more itinerary recommendations, check out our 5 days in Vietnam guide. More ideas and inspirations in our list of 5-day Vietnam tours.

Vietnam in a week

Sunset in Saigon now known as Ho Chi Minh City.
Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. It was previously known as Saigon, and the city also surrounds the Saigon river.

Combine trekking, island retreats and other activities with urban sightseeing during your seven-day Vietnam tour. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, is known for its urban landscape and opulent French architecture, while Hanoi, the cultural soul of Vietnam, is much more traditional. Not far from these two cities are other highlights worth exploring. Nearly 45 kilometers north of Saigon are the tunnels of Cu Chi, part of an underground labyrinth built by the Vietnamese to hide from the French and the Americans. Similarly, Ba Vi National Park, a nature reserve with dramatic scenery and diverse plants and animals, is located just two hours away from Hanoi and is known for its iconic three-peaked mountain that punctures the sky.

We have recommended some of our favorite itineraries in our 7 days in Vietnam guide. Browse through our 7-day Vietnam tours and trips for more options.

Vietnam in 10 days

Visit Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City.
Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon was built by French colonists in 1800's.
People canoeing through Mekong River Delta.
Cruise through Mekong River Delta, which is one of the 10 biggest river in the world. You can get there from Ho Chi Minh city in about 1.5 hour and enjoy cruise like this.

For an immersive experience, choose a ten-day Vietnam tour. Having seen the best of its biggest cities, you might want to visit historic destinations like Hue and Hoi An. While the former offers glimpses of Vietnam’s historic past in the form of citadel, tombs and temples, the latter, a port city, is known for its atmospheric streets, quaint Chinese shophouses, grand French colonial buildings and ornate Vietnamese tube houses. If history is your cup of coffee, add a trip to Mỹ Sơn in your itinerary while in Hoi An. The sprawling ruins of this Hindu temple complex dedicated to lord Shiva were constructed by the Cham people between the fourth and the 14th century. Then follow the maze of rivers and canals that cut through the Mekong River Delta, exploring life in one of Vietnam’s most scenic region.

Find out recommendations in our 10 days in Vietnam guide.

Vietnam in 14 days

Take a Ha Long Bay cruise in Vietnam.
Experience the enchanting floating village of Cua Van on your Ha Long Bay cruise adventure

A 14-day itinerary could as well be the extended version of a 10-day one with slight alterations. Take a boat to the Chàm Islands while in Hoi An. Snorkel amid its tropical coral reefs and sprawl on quiet stretches of sand. Visit the tunnels of Cu Chi while in Ho Chi Minh City and discover the floating markets of Can Tho on a trip to the Mekong River Delta. The green, undulating landscape of Cat Ba, the largest island on Hạ Long Bay, calls for a solid hike while Lan Ha Bay, located nearby, offers scenery rivaling Hạ Long sans tourists.

For more information check out our 2 weeks in Vietnam guide. Go through our 14-day Vietnam tours and trips for more alternatives.

Planning a trip to Vietnam?

If you’d like to create your very own Vietnam itinerary, get in touch with our travel experts in Vietnam. You can alternatively also directly book or join a Vietnam tour.

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