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Best time to visit Belgium

Make sure to include visiting Dinant while planning a trip to Belgium.
The best time to visit Belgium is spring when the weather is mild, crowds are lower, and wild flowers bloom.

The best time to visit Belgium is in the spring (April to June) or fall (September to October). These seasons are largely warm and dry, without the tourist rush and high prices of the peak summer season. Although most people prefer to visit Belgium during the summer months (July to August), tour and accommodation prices are a lot higher around this time.

What not to miss in Belgium

Plan a trip to Belgium and see the City hall tower at Brussels.
Brussels is famous for charming guild houses, old cathedrals, and rich architecture.
The historic city of Ghent under the night sky and bright lights.
Ghent is the second largest city in Flanders with a perfect mix of historic and modern sites.

Check out these unmissable destinations and activities in Belgium and add them to your travel plans.

  • Discover history and culture around Brussels: The Belgian capital is known for its amazing museums, like the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Comics Art Museum, as well as historic destinations like the Grand Place and the Royal Palace of Brussels. A cultural walking or segway tour is one of the best ways to experience Brussels. Here are our tours to Brussels.
  • Explore the medieval vibes of Ghent: Located in the northwest of the country, Ghent is home to an amazing medieval castle, Gravesteen, as well as a selection of architecturally stunning churches, such as Saint Bavo’s Cathedral and Saint Nicholas Church. If you love medieval history and old-world architecture, this is going to be perfect for you.
  • Savor Belgian beers in Bruges: Known for its beer brewing history and amazing old-world buildings, Bruges has a quaint vibe to it that makes it a lot more laidback than Brussels. Carve out time for a beer tour in Bruges with a local that combines the monastic heritage of Belgian brewing with a walking or cycling tour.
  • Embrace the great outdoors in the Ardennes: Belgium isn’t all medieval cities. In the south, on the border with France, you’ll find the Ardennes region, which is home to rivers, forests, waterfalls, and more. It’s the ideal place to camp out, enjoy a hike or two, or hire a kayak to experience the tranquil atmosphere from the water.

How long to stay in Belgium

Green Belgian landscape in Ardennes on a sunny day.
If city adventures are not your thing, the wonderful landscape in the southeast of Belgium will not disappoint you.

How long should you stay in Belgium? Overall, we’d recommend a week, as this is a good amount of time to visit a few different cities and regions. A week in Belgium gives you enough time to visit a couple of cities and get out to the coast or to the Ardennes without rushing. If you have more time, spend up to 10 days at the lesser-visited coastal regions such as Nieuwpoort and Westende. In addition to lovely beaches, you’ll also find a lot of World War I battlefields and memorials to explore.

How to get to Belgium

A sign of Brussels Airport.
The primary way to get into Belgium is at Brussels Airport, the main airport in Belgium.

The main way to get to Belgium is to fly into Brussels Airport (BRU). This is a major European hub and has flights from all around the world, thanks to the political importance of Brussels. Americans can get direct flights from New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C., and Atlanta, into Brussels, so it’s easily accessible from the East Coast. If you’re trying to be more sustainable or coming from within Europe, Brussels has a major train station that links with Paris, London, Cologne, and Amsterdam, to name a few. You can also take the ferry from the UK to Dunkirk or Zeebrugge depending if you’re coming from Dover in the south or Hull in the north.

Getting around

Urban bus Van Hool A600 on a city street in Belgium.
Due to a great bus and train network, it is very easy to get around Belgium.

Getting around Belgium is actually very easy. There is a comprehensive train network that ties all the major cities together and connects to wider Europe. If you’re over 26 and can’t get the standard Interrail Pass, you can buy a 10-journey pass across the whole of Belgium for *USD 108 in the SCNB app. SCNB is the main train provider in Belgium, but you’ll also find Blablabus and FlixBus driving around if you’re on a budget or you want to take the slow route.

Budget and money

On average, you can expect to spend around USD 155 per day on a trip to Belgium. Being in Western Europe, it’s not the cheapest place to visit. A hotel or hostel room for one person costs around USD 77 or USD 154 for two people sharing. Daily transport can vary depending on the city you’re in. For Brussels, a one-way public transport ticket costs USD 3, or you can buy a 10-journey pass for city-wide travel for USD 17. In terms of budget accommodation, there are plenty of hostels all across Belgium, with the majority being in the main cities like Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a whole host of five-star luxury spots in the main cities.

What you didn’t know (But should)

A woman standing near bicycles in front of old buildings in Ghent.
With over 2400 kilometers of cycling paths, Belgium is an amazing destination for cycling tours.

Here are a few things you should know when traveling to Belgium:

  • It’s not just French that is spoken in Belgium. You can come across German, Dutch, and even Flemish, depending on the region you’re in.
  • Belgium is home of European comics. From TinTin to Asterix to the Smurfs, Belgians take their comics very seriously.
  • Cycling is the way to get around in Belgium. In Flanders alone, there are 2400 kilometers of cycle paths, so hire yourself a bike and see the country like a local.
  • If you make the okay sign with your hands, it means zero in Belgium.


City skyline of Antwerp with a cathedral during sunset.
Belgium is considered a safe destination to travel to, but safety measures should always be adopted.

Belgium is an amazing destination to travel to, but make sure you are aware of the following:

  • Belgium is generally very safe for travelers, although pickpocketing incidents are not uncommon in popular locations.
  • Belgium is also considered very safe for solo female travelers with low levels of violent crime across the country.
  • As with any city or place, it’s always best to be cautious, traveling in groups at night, and steering clear of sketchy neighborhoods.

So, there you have it. If you’re planning a trip to Belgium, this is a great place to start. However, if you need a helping hand, our local travel experts are available to create a customized tour to Belgium, with your needs in mind.

*Note: The prices mentioned are for 2024 and are subject to change.


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