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July is an ideal time to visit both the highlands and the Amazon region of Peru. The weather during this time of year is dry, which means ample opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities, be it hiking in the Andes or enjoying sightseeing tours around Lima and Cusco. For the more adventurous crowd, there is the Peruvian Amazon, home to unique bird and animal species, and many more places to visit in Peru.

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Peru Weather in July

People selling and buying fruits at a market in the streets
Find street vendors selling their products on warm, sunny days.

The weather of Peru in July varies according to the region. Open skies provide a picturesque view of mountainous landscapes in the Andean highlands where the mercury can easily hit 19°C. At night, however, the temperature plunges to as low as 0°C. On the other hand, in Manú National Park and its periphery, located in the southwest of the country, temperatures can soar to 32°C. Also, even though July is drier than the rest of the year, there are possibilities of rain in and around the Amazon, while cities on the west coast like Lima are engulfed by a thick blanket of fog.

Weather in Peru in July - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)211919
Avg Nightly (°C)161615
Avg Daily (°F)706767
Avg Nightly (°F)616159
Avg Rainfall (mm)688

Why Visit Peru in July

Moray, the Incan agricultural laboratory at Sacred Valley of the Incas in P
The terrace formation on Moray's Inca site, built at the time of the Incas, comprised an intricate irrigation system that can still be seen today.
Cityscape of Arequipa with its Catholic Cathedral and Plaza de Armas main s
The Plaza de Armas, located at the heart of Lima, is among the most prominent Peruvian heritages.

Warm, sunny days along with clear skies most definitely make July one of the best months to visit Peru. There is a lot of things to do in Peru during this time. Moreover, visiting this Latin American country in July has the following advantages:

  • Reasonable rates: Peru, in general, is a budget destination. This means that the cost of food and accommodation in this country is much more affordable than in most parts of the world. Although accommodation prices in key destinations might see a slight increase, you can still expect discounts in hotels near coastal areas with lesser foot traffic.
  • Less footfall in coastal areas: While the Peruvian highlands and the Amazon see swarms of travelers during July, tourism is still sparse along the country’s coast. The warmer and dryer Trujillo, located in the northwestern part of Peru, is an ideal city to explore during this time of year. Here, you can have the Chan Chan Archaeological Zone for yourself in July.
  • Scenic trekking routes: It is not for no reason that July is the peak hiking season in Peru. Travelers throng the Inca Trails as the weather turns pleasant, and July is also considered to be the best time to visit Machu Picchu. Brace yourself for a frantic crowd in this area. If you wish to avoid flocks of travelers, head out to explore the trekking routes of Ausangate or Salkantay instead.
  • Festivals: La Virgen del Carmen is celebrated with street parades and toothsome delicacies throughout the country on July 16. The festivity is particularly enthusiastic in Paucartambo, where you can listen to local choirs and watch dancing troupes fill the streets. You can also join the locals to celebrate Peruvian Independence Day at the end of July.

Where to go and what to do

Q'eswachaka Bridge is the last Inca bridge. Peru.
The Sacred Inca Valley is the pathway to Macchu Picchu and several impressive archaeological sites.

From hiking through the Inca Trail to taking the road less trodden in the Andes and experiencing the rich history of the country, Peru in July has something for travelers of all tastes. Explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas during your stay in the country. Although the highlight of this region is the famous Machu Picchu, there are lesser-known but equally significant sites like Sacsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo in the valley. You might also want to discover the outdoor markets of the country. Be it Mercado de Artesania or Mercado Modelo, Peru hosts numerous street markets where you can go bargain hunting.

The Peruvian Amazon is yet another destination worth discovering. July is the driest month when it comes to southeastern Peru, home to this sprawling rainforest. Wake up to birdsongs, spot a variety of wildlife and enjoy a boat tour in Puerto Maldonado. Among the highlights of this season are flocks of parrots numbering thousands that congregate around clay licks.

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What to bring

Scenes along the Peruvian section of the Amazon and Maranon river from Iqui
The Peruvian Amazon has immense biodiversity and is home to some of the most pristine rainforests.

Although it is warm and sunny during the daytime, mornings and evenings are cold in Peru in July. Pack a pair of thermal clothing to stay warm. If you are traveling through the Amazon Rainforest, it is advised to bring plenty of insect repellent along with you.

The pristine weather across the country, which is ideal for both sightseeing and trekking, is reason enough to visit Peru in July. From quieter beach towns to lush rainforests and winding mountain trails, no destination is out of bounds in Peru during this time. Reach out to our travel experts in Peru if you need help planning a customized trip to the country. For more information, you can check out our travel guide on how many days to spend in Peru or browse through our Peru trips in July for instant inspiration.

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