Finland in June: Recreations in the Magical Summer

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June is a month of celebration in Finland, as locals emerge from a long dark winter to rejoice in the warmer and sunnier days. The snow and ice thaw around this time and the countryside turn green, with flowers blooming all around. The lovely weather and beautiful landscapes draw international travelers from around the world and Finns themselves take long vacations, making June and July peak season. Yes, travel and accommodation prices are higher than usual if you are taking a trip to Finland in June, but this is one of the best times to visit the country. This is also an excellent time to explore Helsinki and Tampere, as they are relatively free of crowds with many locals heading to their summer homes along the coast or in Lakeland for their annual vacation.

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Finland Weather in June

Helsinki aerial panoramic view at sunset, Finland.
Helsinki is a hotspot for design and architecture fanatics.

Although short and sweet, summers in Finland are magical. June is the start of the summer and a great time to visit the country. Days become longer during this time of year and temperatures also warm up. The average daytime temperature ranges between 15°C and 20°C and the weather is generally dry and sunny all around. The northern areas of Finland may still be cold with some snow, but it gets warmer the further south you go. The best part of summer in Finland is the long days. You can experience up to 10 hours of daylight hours during late June and early July.

For a seasonal overview of the weather in Finland, visit our guide on the best time to visit Finland.

Weather in Finland in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

May Jun Jul
Avg Daily (°C) 15 19 21
Avg Nightly (°C) 4 9 12
Avg Daily (°F) 59 67 70
Avg Nightly (°F) 40 49 54
Avg Rainfall (mm) 40 60 70

Why Visit Finland in June

Pride parade participant in Finland in June
The LGBTIQ+ community of Finland celebrates the pride event in Helsinki from late June till early July.
Warm Finnish creamy soup with salmon and vegetables
While you are in Helsinki, be sure to try one of the many excellent restaurants serving traditional Nordic cuisine.

Summer is a time of celebration for the Finnish people. Festivals and events are held around the country, from music and dance festivals to the Midsummer Equinox National Holiday. Plus, there is an array of things you can see and do in June in Finland. Here are some highlights you should not miss:

  • Naantali Music Festival: Held in the sunny seaside town of Naantali in southwest Finland, this festival is one of Finland's longest-running and highly esteemed music festivals. It features a range of classical and chamber music by top Finnish and international artists in Naantali’s splendid medieval abbey.
  • Midnight Sun Film Festival: Held in the town of Sodankyla in Lapland, this highly acclaimed film festival takes place around mid-June, where award-winning local and international films are screened over several days.
  • Organ and Aria Festival: This festival takes place in the town of Espoo on the banks of the Espoonjoki River. It is another fantastic event for classical music lovers that features a range of musical concerts by leading Finnish and international artists in the medieval stone church of Espoo. The concerts are held every Thursday evening throughout the summer.
  • Midsummer (Juhannus) National Holiday: The midsummer equinox is an important part of the summer in Finland, so much so that the Finns have declared it a national holiday. Held shortly after the summer equinox, this holiday is celebrated by the locals at their holiday homes on the lakes or in the countryside with all-night parties.
  • Helsinki Pride: The LGBTIQ+ community of Finland celebrates the pride event in Helsinki from late June to early July. The vibrant festival boasts a variety of cultural events and a magical parade full of color, music, and dance.

Where To Go and What to Do

Pulkkilanharju ridge road and calm Paijanne lake in summer in Finland.
If you prefer fresh water to the ocean, head to Finnish Lakeland where thousands of lakes dot the countryside like odd-shaped mirrors glistening under the sun.

Summer in Finland is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the long sunny days. Head to the south and western parts of Finland to explore the myriad islands, inlets, bays, and coves. Home to 188,000 islands, this Finnish archipelago is one of the world's largest and provides plenty of spots to enjoy picnics, swimming, canoeing, and sailing amongst the many little islets.

If you prefer fresh water to the ocean, head to Finnish Lakeland where thousands of lakes dot the countryside like odd-shaped mirrors glistening under the sun. Head to one of the two main cities in the region – Tampere in the west or Joensuu in the northeast – and start exploring this incredible part of Finland. Rent a bicycle and meander along the 250-km-long Archipelago Trail around the Turku Archipelago, or put your hiking boots to the test and do some hiking in the beautiful Lakeland area.

The archipelago of islands along the coast is ideal for water sports like canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. You are bound to find a secluded little cove somewhere to drop anchor and have a refreshing swim. There are also over 40 national parks around the country that are home to some amazing fauna and flora and are well worth a visit.

Spectacular natural beauty, awe-inspiring landscapes, enchanting cities with incredible Nordic architecture and design, and friendly locals make Finland a one-of-a-kind travel destination, and summer is the best time to explore this country.

If you need assistance planning a trip to Finland in September, feel free to reach out to our local travel experts who can devise a tailored itinerary for you. For a detailed itinerary, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Finland. Or, you can browse through our tours to Finland in July for more information.

Published by Will Cooper, updated on August 23, 2022

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