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The short Scandinavian spring brings a burst of color to Finland in April. While the north of the country is still in the frigid grip of the dark Arctic winter, southern Finland blossoms into warm weather with blue skies. You can experience excellent spring skiing and snowboarding if you visit Lapland during this time. In Helsinki, join the Finns as they emerge from the long winter and celebrate the arrival of spring. With longer days, warmer weather, and fewer tourist crowds, you will find plenty of things when you visit Finland in April.

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Finland Weather in April

Sunshine in woods in Finland in April
The northern region of Finland sees plenty of sunshine in the spring months.

April’s weather in Finland is determined by where you are in the country. In Helsinki, expect a daily high of around 7℃ and lots of sunshine, with 151 hours of daylight during the month. The average low rarely falls below 0℃ and rainfall is also at its lowest. As you move north, things start getting chilly. In the Central Finland city of Kajaani, expect a high of 5.5℃ and a low of -4℃ with an average rainfall of 14 days across the month. If you travel to Rovaniemi in Lapland, winter weather is still dominant, with temperatures ranging between -3.6℃ and 4℃. However, the Lappish weather is much sunnier in spring, with 203 hours of sunshine and only seven rainy days during April.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Finland.

Weather in Finland in April - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)2815
Avg Nightly (°C)-6-14
Avg Daily (°F)364759
Avg Nightly (°F)223140
Avg Rainfall (mm)403040

Why Visit Finland in April

cross country skiing in Finland in December
North of Finland, International visitors and Finns can still head for one of the many ski destinations.
Helsinki, the capital and the largest city of Finland
Helsinki in April will offer visitors a great holiday experience as the Finnish capital comes back to life after a winter lull.

The longer days of April bring the Finnish people out to enjoy open-air events and celebrations after a long, dark winter. This is also a great time for travelers to be in the country and enjoy its short-lived spring season. Here are some more reasons why you should visit Finland in April:  

  • Ski, snowboard, and sled: While the warmer weather thaws the snow around Finland’s capital and the southern parts of the country, winter is still in full swing further north. If you travel to the town of Äkäslompolo, in Lapland, you can find skiing adventures in the nearby Yllästuntui ski resort. The resort still has plenty of snow and very few people on its 330-kilometer-long cross-country ski trails. Longer days make April a great time to go dog-sledding through the snow-encrusted forests or ice-skating on deserted lakes deep in the Lappish wilderness.
  • The season of willows: Easter is celebrated in Finland in April with a mixture of traditions and flavors. Willow twigs representing the arrival of spring are placed in vases on windows and bonfires are lit to celebrate the end of winter. Across the country, people feast on roast lamb and the traditional Finnish sweet dessert called Pasha. Expect to be felt welcome in homes, bars, and restaurants during this time.
  • Winter’s end in the Arctic: Located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Basecamp Oulanka is an eco-resort based on sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly activities. You could combine a stay at Basecamp Oulanka with a visit to Kajaani, one of Finland’s northernmost cities. In April, the wilderness areas around nearby Lake Laakajärvi see the arrival of Great black-backed gulls and ospreys to begin their spring nesting.
  • Enjoy spring Helsinki: Helsinki in April will offer visitors a great holiday experience, as the Finnish capital comes back to life after a winter lull. Wander through the street markets on sunny afternoons. Visit the spring stalls at Esplanade Park and its adjacent docks for handicrafts, baked goodies, and traditional Finnish snacks such as salmon soup and reindeer stew.

Where to Go and What to Do

Warm Finnish creamy soup with salmon and vegetables
While you are in Helsinki, be sure to try one of the many excellent restaurants serving traditional Nordic cuisine.

With northern Finland still under the cover of winter snows, you can easily combine spring warmth and color with some cool winter adventures in April.

In Helsinki, the quiet streets of the city’s island suburbs of Vuorisaari, Mustikkamaa, and Suomenlinna erupt with colorful spring flower blossoms. Around one-third of Helsinki is parkland so you will have no trouble finding a green space to explore on fine April afternoons. The city’s biggest park is Alppipuisto Park, north of the city center which has a hilltop overlooking the city.

Include a visit to Turku in your Finland itinerary and discover the country’s oldest city. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, this part of southern Finland is the first region to experience spring. The city has a large selection of museums dedicated to Finland’s natural and maritime history. Forum Marinum Center and the open-air Luostarinmäen Käsityöläismuseo are among the popular ones. Also, do not forget to check out Turku Castle, the oldest building in Finland and one of the most visited attractions.

With the peak tourist season still months away, you can find great deals on flight and accommodation rates if you visit Finland in April. Stretch your holiday budget to travel further and see more of this fascinating Scandinavian country. The days are longer and the weather is also good by Finnish standards during this time of year. Experience both the color of spring in the south and the late winter adventures of the north. The hospitable Finnish people will make you feel welcome wherever you go.

Our guide on how many days to spend in Finland can help you get started creating your ideal itinerary. To know more about the available tours, browse through our trips to Finland in April.

Published by Will Cooper, updated on July 29, 2022

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