Great Finland Itineraries: How Many Days to Spend?

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Spot polar bears in their natural habitat, sleep in igloos, and see the Northern Lights — Finland deserves a place on everyone's bucket list! While a Finnish polar expedition is a fabulous way to explore the vast wilderness of the country, travelers can send their adrenaline soaring with a variety of activities available in the country, like cross-country skiing and dogsledding. The most famous destination in this Scandinavian country is Lapland, the home of Father Christmas.

Continue reading if you are trying to figure out how you can experience it all during a trip to Finland.

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How much time should I spend in Finland?

The frozen landscape in Sotkamo
Sotkamo is surely the place to be if you want to experience a winter wonderland

A journey to Finland can last as short as five days. But it can also go on for a couple of weeks depending on your requirements. You can tick the must-see destinations in Lapland off your bucket list and enjoy an Arctic experience in less than a week. However, we suggest adding a few more days to your itinerary and opting for a sojourn that lasts seven to ten days instead. The extra time will allow you to hang out in Helsinki, explore one of the country's stunning national parks and try unique activities, like ice fishing and snowshoeing.

Rovaniemi - a winter hut in Santa Claus village
You must visit Rovaniemi near Christmas time to experience why its really called the Santa Claus village.

If you are short on time and can only manage five days or less in Finland, we suggest that you start the trip in Santa Claus's hometown, Rovaniemi. Fly straight into the Lapland, take a tour of the city, and meet the most famous man in the world, Father Christmas. From there, you can visit a reindeer farm and try your hand at leading a reindeer-driven sleigh down a snowy slope. Hit a husky farm up next for a unique dog-sledding experience before driving through Rovaniemi’s wooded trails during a snowmobile safari. Spend your night gazing at the sky illuminated by the incredible Northern Lights before it is time to head home.

Finland in 7 days

The wondrous Northern Lights in Finland
Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in Utsjoki, the northernmost town of Lappland, Finland

A few more days on top of your five-day itinerary will allow you some more room to explore more of Finland. Discover the picturesque city of Helsinki before heading for Rovaniemi. Check out its Kauppatori Market where you can taste some local delights and tour the city’s ancient cathedrals. Stroll through Sibelius Park, located by the sea, and discover the fortified islands of Suomenlinna. You can either extend your stay in the capital to two days and take Helsinki at your own pace, or you can spend one extra day towards the end of the trip in Rovaniemi, hunting the elusive Northern Lights. While in Rovaniemi, try your hands at ice-fishing and feel the excitement of hiking through the wilderness. You can get better insights on your next Finland trip by referring to our "7 days in Finland" blog post.

10 days in Finland

Helsinki, the capital and the largest city of Finland
Experience the beautiful city of Helsinki with its vibrant seaside

A ten-day Finland itinerary will allow you to do an in-depth exploration of the country. Building upon the seven-day itinerary above, you can add one of the national parks in the country to your itinerary. We highly recommend the unspoiled Oulanka National Park, where you can stay in cozy wooden lodges at Basecamp Oulanka. While there, grab a pair of shoes and trek through the snowy wilderness along the Kitka River and Myllykoski rapids.

Riisintunturi National Park is another destination where you can go on a snowmobile safari. You can also try out ice climbing in one of the frozen falls or streams in the nature reserve. Top up your vacation by learning what it takes to survive in the subzero temperatures of the Arctic, and build your very own igloo.

Planning a trip to Finland?

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Published by David Lee, updated on January 6, 2022

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