Voted as Asia’s top travel destination in 2021, Vietnam is one of the hottest destinations in the world for tourists looking for adventure, great weather, and untouched beauty — all with an attractive price tag.

If you are planning a trip to “the land of the blue dragon”, this Vietnam Travel Guide is your go-to information hub and you can learn all about the best places and the best time to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam tours can take you from lush mountainous highlands to crystal-clear tropical beaches and everything in between. Go cycling in Vietnam’s verdant rice paddies or search for endangered primates at some of the best nature & wildlife destinations in Vietnam. Beat the heat with a visit to northern Vietnam in December or escape to the country’s hidden gem, Phu Quoc island, where it is summer all year round.

Spend five or 10 days in Vietnam, or plan for a multi-week excursion. You will be able to visit all the popular locations and dine the finest Vietnamese cuisine during these days. This handy travel guide will help you determine how many days to spend in Vietnam, and to know your Hanoi from your Hoi An.

Top Destinations in Vietnam

Discover the highlights of Vietnam.

Explore the Wildlife of Mekong Delta

Explore the Wildlife of Mekong Delta

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Mekong Delta and discover its vibrant wildlife. Encounter diverse species of flora and fauna. Marvel at majestic birds like the Oriental Darter and the Painted Stork, catch glimpses of playful otters and elusive fishing cats, and witness the impressive biodiversity of this captivating region. View Tours

Hike the Gorgeous Vistas in Sapa

Hike the Gorgeous Vistas in Sapa

Sapa is famed for its picturesque green rice terraces and quaint mountain setting. The undulating landscape of Vietnam's highlands is green beyond comprehension and is laden with hiking routes dotting the gorgeous vistas. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty as well as interact with the local communities. View Tours

Unwind on the Pristine Beaches of Hanoi

Unwind on the Pristine Beaches of Hanoi

Escape to the tranquil shores of Hanoi and indulge in a beach retreat like no other. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet, immerse yourself in the turquoise waters, and soak in the awe-inspiring coastal vistas. Let the gentle sea breeze envelop you as you create unforgettable memories in this idyllic beach paradise. View Tours

What to do in Vietnam

Read all about the top things to do in Vietnam.

Vietnam at a Glance

Quick facts about Vietnam.


Vietnam’s capital is Hanoi. Located to the north of Vietnam, the city is more than 1,000 years old.


Vietnam covers an area of 331,210 km². With 98 million residents, it is the third most populous country in the world.


+84. Just add 4 after the country code if you need to call in Hanoi.


Vietnam uses the Vietnamese Dong. The currency code is VND. Card facilities are not widely available and tourists are encouraged to exchange money for cash. ATMs are available in all major cities, but are hard to come by in rural areas and small towns.


Tan Son Nhat is the main and the largest airport in Vietnam. It is located around 15 minutes from Ho Chi Minh’s city center. CODE: SGN CLOSEST CITY: Ho Chi Minh


Vietnam is undergoing various visa restructuring, but most visitors are able to get a 30-day visa on arrival. Check with the Vietnamese embassy in your home country on whether you need a visa to enter Vietnam and how to get one.


The official language in Vietnam is Vietnamese. Few people speak English outside of the large cities. Although you probably will not master the language before your trip, greeting people with a friendly “Xin chao” will go a long way.


For police emergencies, you can call 113 or 115 for an ambulance.


Motorcycle culture is the backbone of Vietnamese society. If you are not brave enough to drive yourself you can use Grab, a ride-sharing app like Uber. Vietnamese are also fond of naps in the middle of hot days, so expect many stores to close over lunchtime.

When to visit Vietnam

Read the below travel guides to find the best time to visit Vietnam.

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • JanAvg Daily: 21 ° CAvg Nightly: 14 ° C
  • FebAvg Daily: 24 ° CAvg Nightly: 17 ° C
  • MarAvg Daily: 27 ° CAvg Nightly: 19 ° C
  • AprAvg Daily: 31 ° CAvg Nightly: 22 ° C
  • MayAvg Daily: 34 ° CAvg Nightly: 25 ° C
  • JunAvg Daily: 35 ° CAvg Nightly: 27 ° C
  • JulAvg Daily: 34 ° CAvg Nightly: 26 ° C
  • AugAvg Daily: 33 ° CAvg Nightly: 26 ° C
  • SepAvg Daily: 32 ° CAvg Nightly: 24 ° C
  • OctAvg Daily: 30 ° CAvg Nightly: 22 ° C
  • NovAvg Daily: 27 ° CAvg Nightly: 19 ° C
  • DecAvg Daily: 22 ° CAvg Nightly: 15 ° C

Where to go in Vietnam

Discover the best places in Vietnam.

12 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

12 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

A trip to Vietnam is an experience of fascinating culture, authentic Vietnamese cuisine, striking landscapes, and dynamic cities. This Southeast Asian country displays a heavy cultural influence of the countries nearby; southern parts of the country displ ...Read more

Best Nature & Wildlife Destinations in Vietnam

Best Nature & Wildlife Destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam has been blessed with over 3,000km of coastline, pristine forests, mountain ranges, and some of the planet’s most impressive limestone pinnacles and plateaus. Combine all this and you have the best nature tourism location in Southeast Asia. ...Read more

How long to stay in Vietnam

Read about the ideal duration to stay in Vietnam.

FAQs for Vietnam

Read the most frequently asked questions and answers about traveling to Vietnam below.

  • How many days do I need to travel in Vietnam?
  • Is English spoken in Vietnam?
  • Is anything considered rude in Vietnam?
  • What is the best time to travel to Vietnam?
  • Is a trip to Vietnam expensive? Will I need a visa?

Sustainable travel — How to travel through Vietnam responsibly

In line with Bookmundi’s vision, we wish to provide our travelers with a sustainable travel experience through Vietnam. As part of this effort, we carbon-offset any Vietnam tour that you purchase through us. You can read more details about our carbon offsetting efforts.

Here’s what you can do to travel to Vietnam more responsibly:

  • Carbon-offset your trip to Vietnam via Vietnam Airlines. The moment your tour starts in Vietnam, and provided that you have purchased your tour through Bookmundi, we will carbon-offset your tour from its starting point to its ending point.
  • Vietnam, especially its street food culture, is big on single-use plastics. Try to bring your own reusable container when walking around the city and carry a water bottle that you can refill, instead of buying bottled water.

Vietnam travel tips and insights

  • Robbers on motorcycles snatching people’s belongings are fairly common in city areas. So, always keep your belongings close.
  • Haggling is common in Vietnam. So, don’t hesitate to bargain when shopping for souvenirs and other goods.
  • You should be able to connect to Wi-Fi for free in hotels, hostels, cafes and restaurants.
  • Vietnamese food will vary according to the region. Central Vietnam is full of spicy foods, while food in the south is more sweet.

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