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for Gillespie & Rabbit Pass Trek
"A great trip to these remote valleys among the high peaks of the Aspiring NP. Be prepared for wet boots and off-track trekking on steep rough terrain."
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"Overall very enjoyable. Good insights into Vietnamese and Cambodian culture from capable guides. Easy cycling apart from the last day. Excellent food."
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5 - Excellent
for Mountains of the Moon
"The Rwenzori Mountains are a deeply surreal place, home to the highest mountain range and only year round snow in Africa, despite lying close to the equator on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are a tough but rewarding place to hike, with the seemingly endless mud and high altitude (often over 4,000m above sea level) offset by incredibly diverse landscapes and flora. They are one of the best kept secrets in hiking, with less than 1,000 people a year exploring one of the most varied environments on the planet, with rainforest, bamboo forest, surreal sub-alpine and alpine zones, lakes, glaciers, and the third highest peak in Africa, Mt Stanley, at 5,109m. While the hiking may be tough, the organisation wasn't, with World Expeditions providing great support, and they have an excellent local partner. This ten day itinerary is better than the usual seven day itinerary as it allows for a rest after climbing Margherita Peak, and a longer, more enjoyable return to camp at the end of the trip."
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"If you after a trip that has a lot of diversity, then this is the trip for you. In the Simien Mountains we watched the Geladas playing, eating grass and jumping into the Giant Lobelias in anger to protect their harem from other males trying to challenge them. They are very vocal and fun to observe. We were also fortunate to see Ibex, Bearded Vultures and two lucky people saw the Simien Fox. We climbed Ras Dashen, Ethiopia's highest mountain. There were some long hard days of trekking, but worth it, because you get to see the locals going about their daily lives along the way and amazing views. One particular night our guides were singing and dancing for us by the camp fire and the local children joined in, they held our hands and we danced with them. It was a special night. When you look through the itinerary you will see we went on Lake Tana to visit a 14th century monastery and on the way back saw hippos. We also visited ancient rock-hewn churches that will make you wonder how it was possible for them to be built from one huge rock - Lalibela was a highlight! Our local guide looked after us so well and was very knowledgeable about the history, religion and culture of his country. We also had a World Expeditions leader join us, mainly to look after us if we needed medical help with altitude sickness. None of the group required this, but it was great to have the World Expeditions leader trek with us. The food was very good, there was always plenty of coffee available and the accommodation improved along the way from tents to a brand new resort. This is only a small part of what we experienced in Ethiopia. We really enjoyed our adventure, it was wonderful."
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5 - Excellent
for Cuba by Bike
"In general, you completely undersold how good the trip would be. Three people accompanied us for the whole trip - the guide (Eric), the mechanic and the bus driver. All of them were professionals and extremely helpful. Eric in particular adjusted the trip according to our preferences and was an outstanding guide. He also loves his country even though he sees its faults clearly. The bus which accompanied us and took our bikes was excellent - very modern, clean, spacious (I think a 40 seater) and with air conditioning. The bikes were ideal for the range of fitness and skill levels that we had. They were also refitted to us as required on the first day. The Casa Particulares were a mixed bag - depending on the host - but were significantly better than we thought they would be. The food was excellent. I was expecting rice and beans but quite the opposite. There was substantial fresh fruit, bread, summer salads, eggs, chicken and pork/ham/bacon. This was everywhere. The bike ride was incredibly well organised and planned. We built our stamina up to the 86km day which everyone did without a problem. The scenery and places we visited were excellent!!"

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