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Argentina Tour Reviews

4.8 - Excellent Based on 75 customer reviews
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Combined : Ríos de Hielo Express + Perito Moreno Glacier
JIN QIU From China At
5 - Excellent
Even better than expected! Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“A wonderful mix of mountains, lakes, glaciers, wildlife, vast landscapes, huge steaks and friendly people. This was the fulfilment of a long-held dream, made very special by our brilliant guide, Xavier. The climbs to Fitzroy and to the Torres del Paine are fairly demanding, but well within the capacity of anyone experienced with walking in the Lake District or Snowdonia. Regrets? If only we could have stayed longer in El Chalten and Torres del Paine - but this is a 'highlights' trip.”
Patagonian Highlights Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“We decided on Patagonia as Sandy had been there 11 years ago and had trekked around most of the Torres Del Paine. Things had changed - the roads were all (mostly) completed and the villages and towns had expanded. The highlights had not changed and we were fortunate to have good weather throughout all the walks. The road journeys were long and dusty but an essential part of conveying the scale and size of the Patagonian Steppe. The reward of arriving at the Torres del Paine and Ushuaia erased the discomfort of the journey! Overall we were hugely impressed by the organisation and the leadership.”
Great Patagonian Adventure Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“Fantastic scenery. Both the included walks were quite hard, but you can go at a slow pace, and the view at the top was worth it. Travelling to the end of the continent was a highlight too.”
Amazing Patagonia Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“Patagonia has been on my travel "to do" list for quite some time now. I was particularly looking forward to the amazing scenery on offer - Fitzroy, Torres del Paine, Moreno Glacier, plus sampling some of the legendary steaks and wines that Argentina is famous for.”
A very beautiful place Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“We travelled to Patagonia in the group, departing November 16th 2015. I had waited a long time to visit and was not disappointed. There was a lot of travelling to do, but it is such a vast area, this was ineviatble and the long days by bus were limited to two on rough roads. Fortunately, the weather was good and this only enhanced the stunning scenery. Generally, the accommodation was good, Calafate is worth mentioning as I thought the accommodation was exceptional and staff extremely friendly- and had the best room views from my perspective.
The activities were well considered and there were lots of opportunities to stop and admire your surroundings. Most memorable will always be the long walking days, because there was no rush and they took you to places of incredible beauty.
Buenos Aires was an interesting city, with hidden gems for us, which included an area to have luch and watch tango in the day time.
I would struggle to find fault with this trip, only that it would have been easy to extend and stay for longer.”
Spectacular and worth the distances travelled Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“Fantastic scenery, massive distances to travel in between though, but worth it for Fitzroy, Moreno, Torres del Paine etc.
The excellent rating is in part due to the luck we had with weather, even down as far south as Ushuaia.
There were only two proper trekking days though, maybe some options to do more would have been good, and an extra day if Chile for the Grey Glacier would have justified the miles in a minibus.”
Patagonia Highlights Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“Having just returned from this trip, I would highly recommend it for others wanting to see the highlights of Patagonia. The scenery was beautiful and the walks (especially the one in Torres del Paine) was fantastic, despite seeing four seasons of weather in one day!”
Patagonia Highlights 2015 Reviewed Tour: Patagonian Highlights
5 - Excellent
“A very good holiday about as far away from the grey British winter as it is possible to get. But the weather was much better than I was expecting- sunshine almost every day and very little rain.”
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