I am Tomaz Martinek, tour organizer and tour company co-founder. Ever since I was in secondary school, I have been passionate about traveling. The powerful hold traveling has on human emotions is amazing. Traveling to new places makes people happy, overwhelmed, inspired, surprised, and whatnot. It is this very reason, the ability to make magic happen, is why I wanted to start my own travel company. In 2006, my wish came true when I partnered with Mojca Peterka to establish one of the best travel companies in Europe.

Besides running the company, which is one of the most important part of my life, I enjoy being with my family and friends. Activities which I can never give up are enjoying nature, tending to my garden, going hiking, skiing, sailing and of course, traveling. I really enjoy exploring new destinations within and outside of Europe.

Tomaz's Travel Expertise

I am an expert on trips to Switzerland, which in my opinion is one of the most scenic countries in Europe. It always enchants me with its beauty. I personally enjoy exploring its ski resorts and hiking trails, hence, I have a good overview of these activities and services related to them. Whether clients want to participate in chocolate tastings, cheese making or any other activities in Switzerland, I've got them covered.

The second country I really know well is Croatia. Whether you want to explore its medieval towns, relish on its wine and food, or sail among the Croatian islands, I can help you with enough information and planning.

Expert Activities

Tomaz's best travel experience

There are so many memorable experiences that it is hard to choose just one! Some years ago, I had the opportunity to go truffle hunting in Croatia. I was accompanied by a local hunter and his dog, and we went deep in the woods to look for the black gold. The entire hunting process in the woods was very exciting indeed, but it was amazing to finally find the treasure. When the dog dug out the truffle, I got to hold it in my hands and the smell was intense. When we returned, I dined on a meal that had truffles in it. It was a really rewarding experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into food — this is one of the best things.

Why is Tomaz the right travel expert

I will save your time. I will do all the nitty-gritty planning instead of you and I will ensure you get the most out of your trip. By using me as a local travel expert you will receive not only the itinerary of your dreams, but also a personalized travel experience which will meet your individual style. I also come with the assurance that while you are on the road, I will be just a phone call away and always available for assistance.