I am a native Georgian, born and raised in the capital, Tbilisi. I love spending time with my friends and family members, trying new activities, travelling and watching films.

My dad worked in tourism and when I was small, I would visit him in the office. I thought that the work they did looked so cool! When I was growing up, foreign languages was my favourite subject in school and I loved communicating with people from different countries, getting to know their culture and telling about mine, so when it came time for me to choose a profession, I thought, why not tourism? It is everything I'm interested in. And I was right!

Now I get to explore my own country on a whole different level, meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world and see a lot of mesmerizing places. I have made so many beautiful memories. Now, I tell everyone: "go and travel if you want to spend your time well".

Nutsa's Travel Expertise

I specialise in all regions of Georgia, and in particular places like Kazbegi, the whole Kakheti region (either for wine tasting or culture), the mountain region called Svaneti, Adjara, and beautiful Batumi and surrounding areas. In terms of activities, I can help travellers with not only cultural tours but also with cycling, trekking, winter sports such as skiing and snowshoeing tours and any other activities as per the client's interest.

Expert Destinations

Nutsa's best travel experience

I work as a tour manager, so most of the time I am in the office. But in our office, it's mandatory to go on tour as a guide once in a while. The last memorable experience was during a trip to Kazbegi. On our way, we had to stop due to roads being closed because of snow. I won't say we had a great adventure, but I will always remember that trip not just because I showed the clients some amazing places, but also for time well spent together in a snowstorm. Nobody was bothered by not seeing the highlights of the tour, but instead, they were all very happy with how it all turned out. That proved to me that it is not only professionalism that is important, but a positive and friendly attitude also.

Why is Nutsa the right travel expert

In Georgia, we have a saying that "the guest is sent by the Lord". And I try to maintain this tradition. I like to show the best of Georgia to tourists who decide to visit my country and plan high-quality trips according to client preferences. This is one of my main priorities. Travellers who come to us are often aiming to have a holiday, learn more about the treasures of Georgia, and get maximum enjoyment out of their visit. So, with these three objectives in mind, I try to assist my guests to the very best of my abilities.