I have been an English-speaking tour guide and tour operator for culture and adventure tours in Georgia for the last 5 years. Passion and interest first led me to adventure tourism, when I started trekking mountains around the world 8 years ago. My passion for the field has since grown, in parallel to mountaineering and trekking in the wild Caucasus Mountains.

My first experience guiding a group in Georgia came through my international friends when they asked me to organize a tour in the Caucasus Mountains. After that, I established my own company and have since organized more than a hundred tours in my country.

As steward of TrekGeorgia’s original vision, I continually seek new and exciting ways to embody the company spirit and carry on its mission to share the natural world with other people around the world.

Dimitri's Travel Expertise

I specialize in all kinds of adventure. I have visited and led travellers to all sights in Georgia. In particular, I organize and lead tours to the Caucasus mountains. Some of these adventures include trekking to Black Rock Lakes, trekking to Tusheti, hiking in Khevsureti, hiking from Juta to Roshka, hiking to Mount Kazbegi basecamp and trekking in Svaneti. Apart from trekking, I conduct wine tours in Kakheti, cultural sightseeing in Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Vardzia, Kutaisi, and more. Just ask me!

Expert Destinations

Dimitri's best travel experience

Going into the mountains is always a unique travel experience for me, but the most notable one could be a trip I took 6 years ago. I started trekking with my tent from Khevsureti, went to Tusheti, and ended my travel in Kakheti. I covered 200 km in total on foot while I slept in shepherds' huts, and even once set up my tent on a football field in Kakheti. This trip was a watershed for my experience. I was out of touch from civilization for 14 days. Being dependent on myself, discovering off-beaten-paths and living with mountainous shepherds helped me to find the transformational power of pure adventure travel.

Why is Dimitri the right travel expert

Here's a list of reasons why you should choose me as your travel expert:
I have lots of experience trekking in the Caucasus mountains.
Apart from trekking, I have a wealth of knowledge of Georgian history and culture.
I have excellent organizing skills.
Importantly, I have good knowledge of first aid and excellent self-control in emergency situations.
I am always ready to help travellers by providing information about logistics or treks; I have in-depth knowledge about types of accommodation, road conditions and other important small details throughout Georgia.
Perhaps most importantly, I am positive, friendly and kind all times (at least mostly)!