Hello, my name is Magda and I am from Georgia. Let me tell you about some of my experience in the travel industry. I first studied the business of travel and then I started working in this field as a tour guide before I became a tour operator.

For me, it is impossible to work in the travel business and not love travel, so I definitely love it! I am especially into adventure travel, like hiking and trekking to explore the natural environment, although I also like city tours, walking down old streets, and talking with locals to find out the most interesting stories.

My love of travel motivates me to share my passion with others and to help people enjoy travel, explore more, make great memories and overall just be happy!

Magda's Travel Expertise

Generally, I can offer my guests a large variety of services. When I first meet clients, I always try to plan tours as the guest wishes, according to their interests and give them relevant help. I also try to organize informative and interesting tours that have a mix of historical-cultural places and natural, beautiful landscapes, because these are two things my country does really well!

Expert Destinations

Magda's best travel experience

A very special experience I can tell you about is one tour where I was a guide for 46 people. It was a big job to deal with such a big group of people together with my partner guide. I had to keep an eye on the travellers’ moods and note if they were interested in sightseeing and keep them positive and motivated. I know it always helps travellers have a memorable travel experience if the guide is good. It helped me to keep this in mind, and I led the tour without any major obstacles.

Why is Magda the right travel expert

As a traveller, I would always want to have a memorable and professional tour, so I also try to give the same to my guests. I always give the best that I can. Of course, the whole staff at my company is also very professional and gives me help if and when I need it. And, as everyone knows, Caucasus country people are very hospitable, and we always like to host guests with very high-quality service!