Great Georgia Itineraries: How many days to spend?


Bound by the Black Sea to the west and the Caucasus Mountains to the north, a trip to Georgia is, without a doubt, one of the most enchanting places on the planet. Here one can easily travel back in time while wandering through medieval villages flanked by watchtowers and feel one with nature amid towering mountains and expansive forests. In addition to this, the capital city of Tbilisi is brimming with attraction, be it overhead gondolas that whisk you from one corner of the city to another, or its old town, where every turn in the alley throws more surprises.

How much time should I spend in Georgia?

Some of the shortest Georgia tours last two to three days. Most of them include Tbilisi along with one more destination, be it the picturesque highlands of Racha or the areas around Kazbegi that rival Switzerland when it comes to alpine scenery.

Based on our experience, we recommend that you go for longer options, preferably tours that last seven to ten days. A Georgia itinerary lasting more than a week will allow you to not just soak up this pristine landscape but also give you the chance to taste unique cuisines that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world

Georgia in 7 days

best time to visit georgia
 Tbilisi provides postcard perfect photography opportunities at every corner

Tbilisi is an ideal starting point of any Georgia itinerary, not least because it is the capital city. Located in the crossroads of the East and the West, this city is a fusion of a variety of cultures and offers a sublime mixture of the ancient and the modern.

The winding lanes of Old Tbilisi with their medieval houses and carved wooden balconies will keep you busy during the day, while you can spend the evening hopping from one local watering hole to the other, washing down delightful platters of sumptuous Georgian dishes with local wines.

Take in the highlights of Mtskheta next. See Jvari Church, which was built in the sixth century, and the eleventh-century Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Located around three hours to the northwest of Mtskheta, Kutaisi, the second-largest city in the country, is associated with the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. Call it an end after having visited Ushguli, where glittering mountains surround lush meadows.

Georgia in 10 days

Juta Valley is located high in the mountains Caucasus in Georgia.
Trekking and hiking lovers will love the breathtaking views from Juta Valley, Georgia

A ten-day Georgia itinerary can be an extension of the one-week version with a few additions. Continue to the Juta Valley from Ushguli. The journey might be challenging for some (as most of it is through winding dirt roads) but the views on reaching the valley are phenomenal. A haven for hikers and nature lovers, Juta’s landscape comprises rolling hills punctured by small waterfalls and a lake.
Head for Mestia after that. A collection of highland settlements, Mestia is known for its medieval villages and unique tower-houses that were mostly built between ninth and thirteenth centuries as a refuge during invasions. Do not miss out on a trip to Ushguli while you are there. Considered one Europe’s highest continuously inhabited settlements, Ushguli is surrounded by glaciers and mountains on all sides.
Return back to Tbilisi towards the end of your trip and take one last ride in its cable car before catching your flight home.

Georgia in 2 weeks

Chaukhi Pass in Georgia is a famous trekking destination.
A spectacular view of the Chaukhi Mountain from the colorful Abudelauri Lake
Svaneti is a region in northwest Georgia.

Experience the wild nature, green forests, snowy white peaks, fresh rivers and streams while trekking in Svaneti

 With a two-week Georgia itinerary, you can easily combine hiking through its remote landscapes with a stay on the Black Sea coast. First on the list of hikers visiting Georgia is the Mestia to Ushguli trek, followed by a trek from Juta to Khevsureti. The latter requires you to cross the 3338-meter-high Chaukhi Pass and offers surreal views of the imposing Chaukhi massif. If it is wildlife you are after, then we suggest a trek to Black Rock Lake in Lagodekhi National Park, the oldest nature reserve in the country. For adventure seekers, there is a challenging trail that goes from Svaneti to Racha via two steep mountain passes and another one that takes you through the barren, bone-dry landscape of the Keli Highland.

Done with the trek, spend a day or two lazing on the sand in Batumi, the most popular beach destination in the country.

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