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Weather and Temperature in Indonesia during Summer

View of a lake in the morning at Kawah Ijen volcano , East Java, Indonesia.
For adventure seekers, Java is one of the best places to be in Indonesia during August

Indonesia has two major seasons, the dry season and the wet season. The former starts in April and ends in October, while the latter begins in November and ends in March. This means that summers here, which last from late June to late September, fall in the middle of the dry season. During this period, the country tends to be relatively dry and enjoys warm temperatures.

To give you an example, Jakarta, the capital experiences highs of 31°C and lows of 25°C. Precipitation is also rare compared to the wet season, with an average of 15 days of rain per summer month.

The same weather conditions apply to most parts of the country with slight variations. The only exceptions are the eastern areas, such as West Papua and Raja Ampat, where precipitation tends to be high despite the dry season, with roughly 23 days of rain per month.

  June July August September
Avg high 32°C (90°F) 31°C (88°F) 32°C (90°F) 31°C (88°F)
Avg low 26°C (79°F) 25°C (77°F) 26°C (79°F) 26°C (79°F)
Sunlight hours 11 11 12 12
Rainy days 19 17 12 14
Precipitation 47 mm 31 mm 50 mm 26 mm

For a more seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Indonesia.

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Why visit Indonesia in the summer

A view of Goa Gajah, one of the oldest places to visit in Bali.
Visit Goa Gajah in Bali and explore the temple, pools and gardens of the temple.
Mount Bromo offers incredible views of the sunrise with nearby Semeru Volcano standing in the background
Go hiking in the volcanoes of Indonesia to get a stunning view of the landscapes.

There are tons of reasons why you should tour Indonesia in the summer months. Here are just a few:

  • Events and festivals: Indonesia hosts several festivals in the summer. You can watch the extravagant street parades at the Solo Batik Carnival in Java or admire unique works of art at the Bali Arts Festival, which brings together artists from all over the country.
  • Dry season: Summer in Indonesia falls in the dry season, allowing you to enjoy your travel without having to worry about getting rained on. Indonesia is particularly known for its stunning temples, such as Borobudur Temple, Sewu Temple, and Sojiwan Temple. So if you are interested in visiting these sites, summer is the ideal season for you.
  • Outdoor pursuit: The nice weather conditions also make the Indonesian summer ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and swimming. Climb Mount Bromo, an active volcano in east Java, visit the magnificent Tumpak Sewu Waterfall or enjoy the beautiful beaches for swimming and water sports.

Top 3 Destinations in Indonesia during Summer

But what are the best places to visit in Indonesia during the summer months, you ask? Here are our top picks to make your summer trip to Indonesia memorable:

1. Bali

A view of Mount Batur which is an active volcano in Indonesia.
Head to Mount Batur in Bali which is an amazing hiking destination.

If you are heading to Indonesia, you cannot avoid a tour to Bali. Known as ‘the land of the gods’, this island is known for its unique culture, charming landscapes, and many temples.

Major attractions: Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.


  • Bali nightlife comes to life in the summer season. This is the ideal place if you want to party hard.
  • Due to the low chance of precipitation, summer in Bali is ideal for a long hike. Try out the Munduk’s Twin Lake Trail, an eight-kilometer trail linking the Danau Tamblingan and Danau Buyan lakes. Alternatively, opt for the seven-kilometer Mount Batur trail, which takes you all the way to the summit, from where you will have the most stunning view of the sunrise.
  • Summers are also ideal for sightseeing tours in Bali. A visit to Lempuyang Temple, the highly regarded temple in Bali, is a must.


  • The summer months are the high season in Indonesia. This means you will have a tough time avoiding crowds at popular attractions.

2. Komodo

A picture of a Komodo dragon on a sunny day.
Head to Komodo Island to see the famous Komodo dragons.

Komodo is one of Indonesia's many islands and is particularly known for the Komodo dragon, the biggest lizard on Earth. This island is also popular for its unique landscapes besides its reptilian inhabitants.

Major attractions: Pink Beach and Komodo National Park.


  • During the summer, you are most likely to find the seawater gentle and calm, ideal for snorkeling or sailing on a romantic sunset trip.
  • Summer is also the perfect season to visit Komodo National Park without worrying about a sudden downpour.
  • Komodo Island is also a great destination if you want to get a glimpse of the authentic Indonesian way of life. Head to Komodo village to meet the locals and learn everything about Indonesian culture.


  • Summer attracts huge tourist crowds on the island.

3. Lasem

A view of Mount Bromo with fog surrounding the volcano.
Head to Lasem, which is a small town close to Java.

Lasem is a small town on the northern coast of Java, where early Chinese settlers made their home. It is a quaint little area, known better for its tradition and cultural heritage rather than being your run-of-the-mill tourist trap with highly regarded attractions and landmarks. The place is most popular for producing Batik, a traditional cloth that combines Indonesian and Chinese cultural influences.

Major Attractions: Ku An Kiong, Jami' Baiturrahman Lasem Mosque, and Tiongkok Kecil Heritage Centre.


  • Even though summer falls in the high season in Indonesia, Lasem tends to be mostly tourist-free all year round.
  • Due to the lack of rain, summer is the ideal season to go sightseeing. Check out the high-walled lanes of the old town or the Indo-Chinese mansions in the city center.


  • Lasem is not ideal if you want to party till the early hours.

With these top destinations on offer, a summer trip to Indonesia will be full of spectacular moments.

Top activities during summer in Indonesia

In the summer months, Indonesia offers a variety of activities for all types of tourists.

  • Water sports: Summer is the ideal season for those wanting to try out some water sports, such as surfing, snorkeling or diving in Indonesia. Head to the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra, where you will find over 400 surf spots, or travel to Uluwatu in Bali to try out its swells. If you prefer snorkeling, put Bunaken National Park on your list. This place is home to roughly 400 coral species and several marine animals ranging from pink skunks to porcupine fish and boxfish.
  • Whale watching: Animal lovers can spend their days looking for these giant marine mammals. The best areas for whale watching in the summer months are Alor, the Banda Sea, and Komodo Marine Park. 
  • Hiking: Less chance of rain also means that summer is the ideal season for hiking. Gunung Rinjani in Lombok is one of the best destinations for multi-day hiking tours in Indonesia. Alternatively, you can head to Mount Merapi, the world’s most active volcano. 

From hiking to water sports, Indonesia is filled to the brim with activities for your summer trip.

Travel tips to visit Indonesia during summer

Senggigi is one of the best Indonesia beach.
Try snorkeling and scuba diving at Senggigi beach.
  • Despite being the dry season, summer in Indonesia does experience rain from time to time. So do not forget to bring an umbrella or a rain jacket.
  • Learning a bit of Indonesian will greatly help you in your journey, as most locals need to speak English. Try to memorize a few basic words before your trip.
  • Remember to carry some Indonesian Rupiah. It is difficult to find ATMs on the smaller islands.

With warm temperatures and low chances of precipitation, summer is surely the best time to visit Indonesia. See the stunning wildlife, from gigantic whales to sea turtles and the unique Komodo dragon, hike on one of the 76 active volcanoes in the country, and get lost in one of the many ancient temples in the archipelago. And with over 18,000 islands, you will be spoilt for choice if you are looking for a perfect summer beach holiday. With a variety of activities and destinations on offer, Indonesia will keep you excited in every step of your summer journey.

Reach out to our local travel experts if you want to plan a customized tour to Indonesia in the summer.

Indonesia tours in Summer
Published by Tim Green, updated on May 19, 2023

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