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Ways to Get to Rio de Janeiro from Buenos Aires

There are multiple options to travel from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, each with its own advantages. Whether you prefer the scenic route by bus, the speed and convenience of air travel, or the relaxed pace of a cruise, there's a mode of transportation to suit every traveler's taste.

By bus

A bus parked in the roads of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Immerse yourself in the vibrant landscapes and rich cultures of Argentina and Brazil on an unforgettable bus journey from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro!

Embarking on a bus journey from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro allows you to immerse yourself in the landscapes and cultures of Argentina and Brazil. With a distance of approximately 2,691 kilometers, the trip typically spans 45 to 46 hours. Leading bus companies such as Crucero del Norte, JBL Internacional, and Flecha Bus offer comfortable rides with amenities such as reclining seats onboard toilets. Departing from the Retiro Bus Terminal in Buenos Aires, travelers are treated to a range of bus classes, from ‘semi-cama’ to ‘cama-suite,’ ensuring a pleasant journey. Prices for a one-way trip generally range from USD 100 to USD 150 for semi-cama seats and USD 180 to USD 250 for cama-suite seats. These buses pull into the Novo Rio Bus Terminal in Rio, from where you can easily access the city's public transportation network.

  • Distance covered: Approximately 2,691 kilometers
  • Duration: Around 45 to 46 hours

Pro tips:

  • Bus tickets from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires tend to sell out quickly, particularly during busy travel seasons. So book in advance to secure your seat.
  • Consider booking a ‘cama’ or ‘semi-cama’ seat for extra comfort during your journey. These seats recline further and offer extra legroom.
  • Buses usually leave in the evening or late at night for this long journey. So plan your trip properly and be at the bus terminal long before the departure time.
  • Have all necessary travel documents, including your passport, ready for border crossings between Argentina and Brazil.
  • Keep your belongings safe throughout the journey, particularly at rest stops and border crossings.

By flight

A plane flying in Buenos Aires sky, Argentina.
For a swift and comfortable journey, choose a flight from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the convenience and ease of air travel

If you are looking for comfort and a short travel duration, you should consider taking a Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro flight. Covering a distance of approximately 1,968 kilometers, flights typically take around 5 to 6 hours, offering multiple daily departures for flexibility. Major airlines such as Aerolíneas Argentinas, LATAM Airlines, and Gol Linhas Aéreas operate this route, departing from Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza) in Buenos Aires and arriving at Galeão International Airport (Tom Jobim International Airport) in Rio de Janeiro. Airfare for economy class typically ranges from USD 190 to USD 480 USD.

  • Distance covered: Approximately 1968 kilometers
  • Duration: Around 5 to 6 hours

Pro tips:

  • Book your flight in advance to get better airfare rates. If possible, be flexible with your trip dates. Tickets are cheaper if you take the flight during midweek or off-peak hours.
  • Direct flights may be a bit expensive. So if you want to save money, check out flights with layovers.
  • Your airlines may charge extra for checked baggage, so pack light and bring only a carry-on to avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Be at the airport early enough before your departure time to get through the check-in and security screening processes without being rushed.
  • Pre-arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodation in Rio de Janeiro to minimize any inconvenience upon arrival.

By cruise

A cruise with Rio de Janeiro in the background at sunset.
Maximize your travel experience with an enchanting cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro.

Taking a cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro is an enticing option to maximize your travel experience. Cruise lines such as MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises ply this route, with the journey duration ranging from 7 to 10 days. Departing from the Port of Buenos Aires, you can embark on a journey along the Brazilian coast, with stops at ports such as Santos, Ilhabela, and Búzios before reaching Rio. Onboard amenities, including swimming pools, spas, fine dining, and entertainment shows, ensure a luxurious and enjoyable voyage. Prices for a one-way journey range from USD 1,000 to USD 1,500 per person. Higher-tier accommodations such as suites or balcony cabins command higher prices.

  • Distance covered: Approximately 3700 kilometers
  • Duration: Around 7 to 10 days

Pro tips:

  • While meals and most onboard activities are usually included in the cruise fare, it is a good idea to carry an extra sum of money for optional expenses like alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, and souvenirs.
  • Take part in any pre-cruise briefings or orientations provided by the cruise line. These sessions often include information about onboard facilities, safety procedures, and port excursions.
  • Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter Brazil. Research the visa requirements well before your cruise and ensure all necessary paperwork is to avoid any issues upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Weather and other factors can sometimes affect the cruise journey. Stay flexible and open to changes, and have alternative plans in place in case of unexpected alterations to the schedule.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance covering cruises to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance covering cruises to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

A quick overview of traveling from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

Mode of transport Time taken Why choose this
By bus 45 to 46 hours Immerse yourself in landscapes and cultures, choose from various comfort options (semi-cama to cama-suite), and generally lower the cost compared to flights and cruises.
By flight 5 to 6 hours Fast and convenient; multiple daily departures; efficient for those with limited time.
By cruise 7 to 10 days A blend of travel and relaxation, luxurious amenities and entertainment, a scenic route with multiple port stops.

Traveling from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro offers diverse options to suit your needs. For the fastest and most convenient route, choose a flight that ensures swift connectivity between the two cities. For a budget-friendly alternative, consider taking a bus, which allows you to experience the scenic landscapes of South America. For a unique and leisurely adventure, opt for a Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro cruise tour, enjoying a scenic voyage along the Atlantic coast with various onboard amenities.

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