Best Time to Visit Botswana

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  • JanAvg Daily: 32 ° CAvg Nightly: 19 ° C
  • FebAvg Daily: 32 ° CAvg Nightly: 17 ° C
  • MarAvg Daily: 31 ° CAvg Nightly: 16 ° C
  • AprAvg Daily: 27 ° CAvg Nightly: 13 ° C
  • MayAvg Daily: 25 ° CAvg Nightly: 9 ° C
  • JunAvg Daily: 22 ° CAvg Nightly: 5 ° C
  • JulAvg Daily: 23 ° CAvg Nightly: 4 ° C
  • AugAvg Daily: 26 ° CAvg Nightly: 7 ° C
  • SepAvg Daily: 29 ° CAvg Nightly: 11 ° C
  • OctAvg Daily: 30 ° CAvg Nightly: 15 ° C
  • NovAvg Daily: 32 ° CAvg Nightly: 17 ° C
  • DecAvg Daily: 31 ° CAvg Nightly: 18 ° C
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Botswana is a little landlocked country in the heart of the African savannah. It is a true melting pot of African culture, wildlife and history, a place that inevitably comes to mind when you think about an African safari. There are plenty to see and do in Botswana, especially if you have a thirst for adventure. You can cruise along the Chobe River, or explore and lose yourself in the Kgalagadi National Park or paddle around the infamous Okavango Delta. Botswana is definitely a country that is emerging as a popular travel destination, with their hotels and resorts consistently upping their game. As with most countries, it may be critical to know more about the weather in Botswana and find out when to visit Botswana!

Quick Facts

  • High Season: July - October
  • Low Season: December - March
  • All Seasons: July - October, December - March, April - June
  • The best time to visit Botswana is between July to October when the temperatures are at their temperate best with the sun shining all through the Savannah. However, the Okavango delta may be flooded from June to September intermittently.
  • The low season is between December to March when it is inevitably winter in Botswana. There are much cheaper travel rates and availability, paired with risks of flooding and damage to roads due to rain. It is high season in the Kalahari.

Botswana may be best visited all year round, due to its position in the African heartlands. However, as with most countries it may do you good to pay attention to the weather, lest your favorite attraction be closed or rendered incomplete on your wish list. July to October may the best time to visit Botswana due to its geographical position attracting quite a bit of sunlight and heat making it perfect for safari adventures. Botswana is simply a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, with the Okavango delta’s rich array of wetlands and wildlife.

Seasonal Overview

July to October — Summer/High season

Botswana is perhaps the most inspiring destination in Africa
An elephant and her offspring move across the river in Chobe National Park.

July to October is when the sun is abundant, the heat is not too overwhelming, and the safari wildlife beckons to you. This is easily the best time to visit Botswana. July to October is when the summer is in season around Botswana, however, even with the warm days and warm nights, it is said that around October is when the peak of the heat can be felt in its oppressive nature. Kalahari, on the other hand, might feel cooler with frigid nights and cool days. The downside to the wonderful weather is campsites being booked well in advance, and may be unavailable at least 3 months prior. To ensure that this does not happen, you would do well to book months in advance, particularly if you plan to travel at this time of the year. This may even be felt across the north with many offerings at their peak rate and with lower availability.

  • Avg. Temperature: 55 – 73° F / 13 – 23° C (in Gaborone)
  • Rainfall: 3 mm
  • Season: Dry / Summer
  • Highlights: Chobe River may be the best place to visit at this time, as it is exceptionally gorgeous and bursting with wildlife. It may also be the best and only place to see elephants swimming and bathing in the river. You could even go on an evening boat cruise to spot the hippos along the river. Chobe River is also perfect for a houseboat holiday.

December to March — Winter/Low Season

December to March is definitely considered the low season in Botswana. The period may boast cheaper rates and higher avail-abilities, but one must take that with a grain of salt, as the rains may disrupt travel, leading to muddy and often waterlogged roads. The advantage with traveling in this season is observing the Zebra migration at the Makgadikgadi plains. Migratory birds can also be observed everywhere around this season. Another caveat of traveling in this season may be found in visiting the Kalahari, for while December – March may be a low season around Botswana with even some campsites and resorts and parks being closed for the winter, the Kalahari is at its peak, making this a good time to visit the desert and revel in the extraordinary sights and sounds of the desert.

  • Avg. Temperature: 77° F / 25° C (in Gaborone)
  • Rainfall: 50 mm
  • Highlights: Central Kalahari Reserve has long been an untouched refuge for wildlife and fauna. Considered the last stronghold for Africa’s true Wilderness, many flock to the national park each year, whether they are tribal bushmen or nomadic hunter gatherers or plain tourists like yourself. The reserve as you’ll find is virtually untouched with the roar of the lions breaking the beautiful silence, rupturing through the reverie.
Published by Marie Storm, updated on September 13, 2023
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